Dryer Balls Set of 3

  • Remove static and lint, and fluff up fabrics
  • 100% wool
  • Made in the USA

Meet your dryer's most valuable players that are naturally chic, too. The Laundress Wool Dryer Balls are made of 100% pure wool fiber and work their magic to speed up laundry's dry time, remove static and lint, and fluff up fabrics. Use them load after loadthey last for ages, so they also help reduce waste. Win!

For best results, place wool balls into dryer with damp laundry. Dry as normal.

Step 1

To remove odors, presoak in warm water with 1 capful Scented Vinegar.

in a Wash Tub Basin.

or bowl before laundering with any of our detergents (such as Classic Signature Detergent.


Step 2

For color-safe laundry boosting, whitening, and brightening, add a capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

to each load.