Copper Cloth

  • Two-ply cloth is woven with nonabrasive copper threads
  • Do not use on Teflon
  • Recyclable

Designed to be gentle yet effective, this two-ply cloth is woven with nonabrasive copper threads that are specifically designed not to scratch. Exceedingly versatile, it can be used on delicate glass and china or to scrub away stubborn dirt and rust buildup on your everyday cookware.

Use the cloth only when wet. Use with the appropriate cleaning product, working the cloth into soiled areas.

When handwashing dishes, fill a basin with hot water. Add a squirt of Dish Detergent to create a suds bath. Then dip the cloth, wash, and rinse well.

To Clean mold and mildew from surfaces, fill a bucket with hot water. Add All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate to create a suds bath. Then dip the cloth, scrub, and rinse well.

Do not use on Teflon.

To Clean:

Wash with a Laundress Detergent on a normal cycle in hot water protected in a Mesh Washing Bag.

Step 1

Scrub pots and pans after presoaking in hot water with a capful All-Purpose Bleach Alternative.


Step 2

Remove grease and baked-on food messes from stovetops and ovens with Surface Cleaner.

or Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.

Step 3

To clean grill grates, apply Dish Detergent and scrub.

Step 4

Presoak glass canisters such as coffeepots and carafes using Scented Vinegar.

Did you know...

Redecker is a 75-year-old family owned and run business. Friedrich Redecker became a skilled brush maker when he attended a school for blind children at the age of 4. Two generations later, Redecker is not only still a family business, but forward-thinking in its ecological product offerings and manufacturing sustainability.

The Copper Cloth is more effective and safer to use than Brillo pads on a variety of surfaces: cookware, cooktops, ovens, bathrooms, ceramic, china, stainless steel, glass, cutlery, aluminum, chrome, enamel, tubs, tiles, burnt grime, polishing sinks, and rust!

This product is recyclable.


Use when wet.


Use on Teflon or other treated nonstick surfaces.