Glass Bottle With Sprayer 16 fl oz

  • Refillable bottle made for easy use and storing
  • Comes with spray top and cap
  • Fits 16 fl oz
  • Recyclable

A chic addition to your cleaning repertoire, this endlessly versatile 16 oz glass spray bottle makes it easy to reduce, refill, and reuse at home. We love pairing it with our All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate as a surface cleaner, Scented Vinegar to deodorize gym equipment, and Crease Release to ease ironing. Perfect for any household cleaning task, it doesn't hurt that it's so nice to look at, either.

How to: Fill with your favorite cleaning solution and use accordingly. Dilute Scented Vinegar and All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate with distilled water to reduce residue buildup in the nozzle. You may also use to mist plants, fill with homemade disinfectant, blend essential oils, or for other household cleaning needs.

How to use: Mix 1:5 ratio of All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate to water; add 3 oz. All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and fill bottle with distilled water.
Mix 1 part Scented Vinegar to 1 part distilled water for a cleaning and deodorizing spray.

Fill with Crease Release to ease ironing."

Step 1

Spray dirty kitchen countertops, appliances, cabinet fixtures, and tables with a mix of water, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate.

OR Scented Vinegar.

to disinfect and deodorize