Glass Bottle With Pump 16 fl oz

  • Refillable bottle made for easy use and storing
  • Comes with pump and cap
  • Fits 16 fl oz
  • Recyclable

A chic addition to your countertops and cleaning repertoire, this versatile 16 oz glass pump bottle makes it easy to reduce, refill, and reuse at home. We love pairing it with our Dish Detergent or Stain Solution for convenient dispensing and to house hand soap, hand sanitizer, essential oil blends, and other cleaning solutions.

How to: Fill with The Laundress Dish Detergent or Stain Solution to upgrade your cleaning routine. Display-worthy on any countertop space!

Step 1

For everyday dishwashing fill as glass bottle and use the Dish Detergent.

. For everyday laundry and easy use, fill a bottle with the Classic Signature Detergent.

. For easy dispensing add the Stain Solution.

to a glass jar with a pump.