Dry Clean On-The-Go Kit

  • Dry cleaner-free way to wash & care for "dry clean" items on-the-go
  • Ideal for wool, cashmere, silk, synthetics, and blends
  • Plant-derived formulas with no unnecessary additives

Ideal for travel or stashing in your bag or car, this handy kit washes, freshens, and removes stains on silk, delicates, woolens, synthetics and more without the toxins and extra cost of the dry cleaner. Airplane-friendly and comes housed in a canvas zip bag. .

Step 1

Pretreat oil stains, underarms, cuffs, straps, and underwires using the Wash & Stain Bar.

. Can also be used to spot-treat stains without washing.

Step 2

Pretreat color-rich stains with Stain Solution 2oz.

Step 4

Handwash or machine wash delicates in cold water using Delicate Wash.