Crease Release

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  • Easily removes moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics
  • Scented in "Classic"
  • 8 fl oz

Like a permanent press in a bottle! This quick fix easily removes moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics. Spray to smooth items before getting dressed or after laundering to ease ironing. Use it on everyday laundry, items considered "dry clean," coats, suits, bedding, and curtains.

Our start-to-finish laundering collection in Classic scent is the ultimate "clean laundry smell," blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.

Our start-to-finish laundering collection is scented in Classic, the ultimate “clean laundry smell.”

INGREDIENTS: water, phenoxyethanol, laureth-4, alcohols C12-15 ethoxylated, glycerin, fragrances. Phosphate free.

Color and texture may vary with plant-derived ingredients.

No animal ingredients or animal testing.

Dermatologist tested.

Assembled in The USA

Safety Data Sheet

Step 1

Pretreat stains with the travel-friendly Wash & Stain Bar.

Step 2

Sort dirty laundry at home or when traveling using the Hotel Laundry Bag.

Step 3

To freshen between washes, use Fabric Fresh Classic.

Step 4

Treat static-prone items with Static Solution 2oz.

Did you know...

The ingredients in Crease Release relax fibers to ease wrinkle removal without ironing. The Classic scent offers the added benefit of freshening at the same time! Travel-sized and handbag-friendly for wrinkle removal on the go.

Steam when possible. Steaming provides the safest and gentlest finish for laundry items, releasing wrinkles for a natural finish. Not only does steaming avoid any risks posed by ironing, such as burning and unintended creasing, but the steam kills most germs and bacteria and helps eliminate odors.

Be caught with wrinkles when on the go.