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Washing With The Laundress : Black Silks

Jan 31, 2013

At the Laundress we pride ourselves in being able to clean even the most delicate of fabrics, especially because those are the ones we love most! Today’s laundry lesson revolves around these two 100% silk pieces by Ralph Lauren. Both came in wrinkled and worn. Both left clean and smelling fresh!

As much as we wouldn’t like to admit it, we sweat. The solution? Use our Wash & Stain Bar and Stain Solution to pre-treat the underarms and straps. They are formulated to work well on delicate fabrics.

Read Read Read!

The labels are key to determining which detergent to use as well as how to launder the fabric.

Washing Silks In The Washing Machine Is Safe

We love 100% silk fabrics not only because they are beautiful, but also because we know exactly what steps to take to keep them beautiful. We always recommend putting items in Mesh Laundry Bags to keep them from pulling or getting caught on one another. This is especially helpful for items with embellishments or buttons. You can also put the Delicate Wash directly into the drum of the machine when you are ready to begin laundering.

Delicate Wash For Fabrics

It can go right into the drum

Choose The Delicate Cycle

With Cold water wash and rinse and always make sure to launder with like colors.

The nice thing about silk is that it doesn’t stretch when drying. So, you can hang up silk blouses and pants without worry that they will strech out or dry funny. But before you do, make sure to steam them. Steaming when damp helps to remove any wrinkles the washing machine leaves behind.

For a more complete guide, Check out our Silks & Delicates Recipe Page, or for quick reference – read our handy guide!

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