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How To

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Suede & Shearling

Sep 26, 2011

With the change of seasons obviously comes the change of wardrobe and accessories.  We always recommend washing these items - especially if they weren't washed prior to storage...oops!

Lindsey had to clean her shearling Chanel Bag from general wear and dirt, but why stop there? So we also decided to test out washing a pair of Uggs - we think you'll be impressed with the results!

When the temperature drops, shearling once again becomes all the rage. Despite it’s wooly-sounding name, this super soft, comfy, and warm material isn’t wool, it’s sheepskin, and it requires special care to keep looking its best. We’ve got plenty of expert tips to save you money and keep your shearling items looking amazing for years to come. 

Stumped on how to clean shearling? Shearling cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult with our easy, cost-saving tips.

How to clean a shearling coat or other item: Read the care instructions carefully. 

If you’re ready to try shearling cleaning at home, you should start looking for stains and pretreat them with our Stain Solution , a nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free formula. Featuring a concentrated blend of plant-derived ingredients and free of petroleum, phosphates, artificial colors, and animal by-products - it’s ideal for shearling cleaning. 


Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Stain Solution, Mesh Bags, Scrub Brush

We all have a pair of well-loved and worn Uggs - last year's snow storms did a number on these...

Step 1:

Pre-treat with Stain Solution. For tougher stains found on more durable items use our Scrub Brush to get ground-in dirt out.

Step 2:

Place boots in a mesh washing bag and launder with Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. For machine settings - we had to do an extra rinse and spin cycle.

Step 3:

Stuff with paper towels to dry, you can also place near a heater to speed up the drying process, just be cautious! Et viola...good as new!

Next up is Lindsey's Shearling Chanel Bag...that's right, you don't always need to take your Chanel items to the dry-cleaners! This bag had the typical general dirt stains and wear.

Step 1:

Pre-treat with Stain Solution and gently work into the fabric with the Scrub Brush. Protect with our Mesh Washing Bag and launder with our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.

Step 2:

The settings you'll need:

Step 3:

When complete, take your bag out and lay flat to dry.

Step 4:

Steam to finish and it's as good as new!

Don't forget to the visit Clean Talk blog for the latest cleaning trends, tips, and stories from Gwen and Lindsey. 

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