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Things We Love

Things We Love: Summer to Fall Essentials

Aug 24, 2021

Saying goodbye to summer isn’t easy, but when the last few weeks roll around, taking time to get organized, refreshed, and in the groove of new rituals is the perfect way to enter fall with a fresh mindset. These essentials will help you tiptoe softly into the new season by giving you a leg up on laundry and home cleaning both right now and when fall is in full swing.

1. Stain Removal Essentials Kit
Before beginning your seasonal wardrobe switch, banish stains with this must-have, 4-in-1 kit that works on all stains and on so many types of fabrics. It’s really important to store clothing free of discoloration and odors to prevent them from setting deep into fabrics, so treat and wash bathing suits and summer clothing before storing. Then keep this multi-use set on hand when accidents happen on sweaters and cashmere loungewear, silk, T-shirts, and even upholstery come fall.

stain removal kit

2. Wool & Cashmere Kit
Get prepped for sweater season by freshening knits and down items withWool & Cashmere Kit. Here’s how: First, lift pills and lint by gliding the Sweater Comb over friction-prone areas. Next, launder sweaters (don’t forget cozy throws and blankets!) by machine with Wool & Cashmere Shampoo using a delicate setting, cool water, and Mesh Bags. Keep items fresh in between washes with a few spritzes of Wool & Cashmere Spray. While we love our warm, cedar based scent, critters and moths do not, so spray away on woolens and in the closet, too!

wool & cashmere kit

3. Canvas Storage Collection
After laundering your favorite summer fits, get long-term storage organized with some Canvas Storage Bags. These durable, zippered bags are designed to protect their contents, preventing yellowing over time and keeping bugs and moths away from your items. Even summer-weight fabrics can be subject to damage from silverfish and other critters, so be sure to tuck garments and linens away clean and odor-free. We love tossing in a Lavender Pouch for an added boost of freshness!

canvas collection

4. Hanging Storage Bag
Get out your fall jackets, suits, and coats and stash them in breathable, zippered cotton bags in your closet until you’re ready to use them! These bags add a layer of protection from dust and discoloration. We also love using them as a long-term storage tool for lightweight summer dresses and other items that are best stored via hanger. Not sure whether to fold or hang? Follow our guide here.

5. Sport Detergent and Spray Duo
Kickstart your fall workout routine by giving your athleticwear a little Laundress makeover. Launder performance fabrics and washable running shoes with Sport Detergent, which cleans and keeps stretchy fabrics in top form while removing perspiration, body odor, and stains. Stay super fresh—even post-workout—by spritzing gear with Sport Spray. The crisp scent of leafy greens, orange, rose, eucalyptus, and jasmine is designed to revive and invigorate! Pro tip: Before putting away summer swimwear, wash with Sport Detergent. Lifting seawater and chlorine residue is key to preventing stretching and fading.

sport detergent & sport spray

6. All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate & Bleach Alternative Duo
Detoxing your home environment is key to a fresh mindset for fall! Ditch that pile of toxic cleaners under the sink by switching to our plant-derived duo, designed to effectively tackle messes and odors throughout the home. One of our favorite ways to use it is to prep our mugs for pumpkin spice lattes by banishing unsightly ring stains using the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative oxygen-based brightening formula. Simply sprinkle about ¼-½ a capful of the chlorine-free beads into each mug, and fill to the brim with very hot water. Using a Dish Brush, agitate the water and let soak for 10 minutes. After soaking, scrub with the brush and watch the stains melt away! Find more uses for our cleaning superstars here and here.

7. Home Spray
Chilly weather means more time at home, so go ahead and scent your space and soft furnishings with our heavenly-scented essential-oil based Home Spray. This fabric spray dissolves odors and infuses fabrics with our No. 247 scent, an elegant, citrus and herbal fragrance of eucalyptus and pine, with hints of rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, ylang-ylang and thyme. Autumn? More like ahhhhhhtumn…

home spray

8. Laundress Notebook
Find gratitude by journaling about your favorite summer memories and jotting down a “laundry list” of dreams and goals for the new season in our chic Notebook. Looking back over old entries with a steaming cup of cocoa once chilly weather hits is a nice way to gain perspective, and clarity, and hey… maybe you’ll manifest a thing or two along the way!

laundress notebook
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Wool & Cashmere Kit

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Lavender Pouch

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All-Purpose Cleaning Duo

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Dish Brush

Scrub Pots, Pans and Dishes

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The Laundress Notebook

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