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The Laundress Gift Guide

Nov 27, 2020

Unique (and oh-so-useful!) gifts that will spark joy, spread smiles and delight everyone on your list - for him, her, pet owners and everyone on your list! Or treat yourself to something special.

For The Men In Your Life

For Mr. Fix-it
Seasonal Cleaning Kit: The perfect addition to his toolbox! This smart set deep cleans everything from home and laundry to outdoor furniture and car interiors.

seasonal cleaning kit

For Your Significant Other
The Laundress X John Mayer Out West Laundry Detergent and Fabric Fresh Duo: Dreamt up by John Mayer, this cocktail of leather, amber, patchouli, and musk makes for a scent you’ll both love. Even better, 50% of proceeds from sales will go to the Montana Association of Land Trusts.

john mayer laundry detergent

For The Dapper Dude
Storage Solutions: Guard their investment coats and suits from critters, dust, and yellowing with breathable and attractive cotton bags.

hanging garment bag

For The New Dad
New Parent Kit: A must for the entire fam, this heavy hitter kit wipes out the most intense stains and odors, then leaves behind a calming scent.

new parent kit

For Dads
Crease Release: The iron-less way to obliterate wrinkles from dress shirts, suits, and everyday laundry.

stiffen up

For The Outdoorsy Guy
Forest Therapy Signature Detergent: When he can’t get outdoors, this evergreen-spiked detergent brings the grounding, therapeutic effects of nature to him.

forest therapy signature detergent

For The Top Chef
Support Breath Dish Soap: This essential oil-based soap will transform washing dishes into an invigorating spa treatment.

dish soap

For The Pet Owners & Lovers

Canvas Storage Cube: A pretty, practical way to stow pet toys, clothes, leashes, treats, and more.

storage cube

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo: This gentle wash made for natural and delicate fabrics gives pet toys, clothes, and blankets, and beds a much-needed bath.

wool cashmere shampoo

Make Messes Kit: Pet mess? These solutions dissolve even old, set-in stains from clothing, upholstery, rugs, and carpets.

make messes kit

Clothing & Upholstery Brush: This brush is like a magnet for fur and hair, lifting it from furniture and clothing with ease. Pair it with our Darks Detergent, which washes away lint and fur in the wash!

clothing and upholstery brush

Scented Vinegar: An odor-absorbing potion that nixes unsavory smells from all fabrics and rooms instead of covering them up.

scented vinegar

For The Ladies In Your Life

For Mom
Aromatherapy Associates x The Laundress Gift Set: Turn laundry day into her “me time” with wellness-inspired detergents, layered with calming and grounding essential oils.

aromatherapy detergent

No.723 Laundry Detergent: Who says laundry can’t feel indulgent? Turn everyday loads into pure luxury with this premium detergent in our newest spicy rose scent.

no.723 detergent

Canvas Under Bed Storage Bag: Finally get around to storing away off-season favorites with a bag that’ll preserve while keeping discoloration and critters away.

underbed storage

Lavender Pouch 3-pack : Scent your home and laundry with heavenly lavender pouches that tuck right into drawers and closets. (Pssst: We love ‘em, but critters and pests don’t!)

lavender pouch

Laundress List Notebook: Great for WFH notes or jotting down laundry lists, you won’t mind leaving this chic notebook out on your kitchen counter or desk.


Le Labo Rose Signature Detergent: This rich, complex rose-scented detergent completely redefines luxury. (Wash your bedding with it. Trust us.)

le labo rose

For You (Because You Deserve To Treat Yourself!)

Aromatherapy Associates x The Laundress Collection: Blends with benefits! Add some well-deserved self-care to your home upkeep regime with cleaning solutions infused with therapeutic essential oils.

aromatherapy gift set

For The Lady Who Needs a Little Self-Care
Things We Love Self-Care Box: A curated selection of our favorite must-haves for home, wellness, and beauty, all in one box.

self care box

For The Fashion-Forward Friend
Delicate Kit: If they’ve got a killer wardrobe, give them the gift of being able to skip the dry cleaner from here on out.

delicate wash

For The New Homeowner
Home Cleaning Best Sellers Kit: Home cleaning basics that are anything but basic.

home cleaning best sellers

For The Super Mom
Everyday Laundry Kit: Everything she needs—and nothing she doesn’t—to master all those laundry loads like a pro.

everyday laundry kit

For The Gal Who Has It All
Laundress E-Gift Card: Take the guesswork out of gifting with an e-gift card that lets them claim their own clean and arrives in their inbox in minutes.

Gifts Everyone Will Love

For The Homebody
Deep Relax Signature Detergent: Designed to cleanse bedding and loungewear as it eases the mind out of overdrive… AKA a detergent *everyone* can use these days.

deep relax signature detergent

For The Overachiever
Steele Canvas Triple Hamper With Folding Table: Store, sort, and fold with our triple compartment basket that makes separating laundry or storing household items as easy as 1-2-3.

steele canvas triple hamper

For The Green Thumb
Forest Therapy Signature Detergent: When they can’t get outside, bring nature to them with an everyday laundry detergent spiked with evergreen essential oils.

forest therapy signature detergent

For Literally Anyone Right Now
Apres Laundry Cream & Hand Soap Duo: So they can wave goodbye to the dryness that comes along with frequent hand washing.

hand soap and cream

For The Cozy Curator
Wool & Cashmere Kit: For cleaning their buttery sweaters and blankets without having to leave their house.

wool and cashmere kit

For The Self-Care Enthusiast
Aromatherapy Associates x The Laundress Gift Set: Why not turn home care into self-care? These formulas are supercharged with wholly beneficial essential oils for mind, body, spirit, laundry, and home.

aromatherapy associates gift set

For That Picky Person
Laundress E-Gift Card: With this gift, you seriously can’t go wrong.

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