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Things We Love

Lessons In Laundry & Life, From Mom

May 7, 2020

In the fabric of life, each thread is a lesson. And as it turns out, there’s a lot to be learned from laundry. Here, our team reflects on their moms’ most valuable tokens of wisdom.

lindsey boyd

“My mom taught me the importance of a perfectly pressed outfit. Growing up, everything was ironed, down to my ‘80’s child’ bandanas. Now that I’m a busy mom myself, I use a steamer and our Crease Release to eliminate ironing time. And, naturally, my kids’ clothes are never wrinkled!”
- Lindsey Boyd, cofounder

gwen whiting

"I have many keen memories of laundry being part of my childhood. I took on the task of ironing my dad’s hankies and undershirts when I was as little as 4—this was the early 80’s when it wasn’t odd for a small child to handle a super hot object! We also had a line in the backyard for line drying and a cute clothespin bag just for the task. I remember my mom treating stains very seriously. She’d always bring out her basin, her little bottle of special solution, and a toothbrush she reserved just for these projects. She is still perplexed as to how I ended up with a passion for laundry, but to me it makes perfect sense. I want to help everyone save their favorite things and love their laundry.”
- Gwen Whiting, cofounder

“Growing up, my Mom instilled in me the importance of pretreating stains, especially before they get the chance to get set-in from the dryer. Now, as a mom of two little—and very busy!—boys, I always have a pile of clothes waiting to be pretreated before going into the wash. For that reason, I absolutely swear by our Make Messes Kit andStain Brush... they are total Laundress must-haves in my book!”
- Lauren Brodeur, design manager

“My mom is a huge beach lover and we always went to the beach as kids. She would always tell us to take off our bathing suits and give it a good sink wash before leaving the beach. For that reason, I always keep a Sport Detergent in my beach bag. It has saved so many of my favorite bathing suits!”
- Melissa Smith, director of global sales

“Mom taught me that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. I remember sneaking into her closet to try on her fancy heels and hearing them click clack on our wooden floors when she got ready for work in the morning. As soon as she put on her stilettos she looked so powerful—and she was! My mom also taught me how to iron dress shirts at a young age. I remember pressing my dad’s work shirts for the week ahead every Sunday. We didn’t have money to spend on dry cleaning and I learned early on that we didn’t have to.”
- Alycia Marrapodi, social strategist

“We only used white sheets and towels in my house and my mother taught me to take care of them, not only so that they’d last, but also to reduce our impact on the environment. I’ve definitely carried these practices into adulthood...kind of. I’ve switched things up a bit by opting for much gentler, eco-friendly laundry products, like my go-to All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Stain Solution!”
- Brianna DeRosa, account executive

“My mom always emphasized not to sweat the small stuff, especially when it came to material items. Stains on our couches or new clothes were never a reason to get upset. I have always heeded by this advice, especially now that I have invested in my own wardrobe and furniture. There’s always a solution!”
- Maddie McGinley, production director

“I was taught the importance of putting away laundry properly, whether it be hanging my items or folding them. It makes finding them so much easier and keeps them ready to wear at a moment’s notice.”
- Tessa Fox, marketing coordinator

“‘Clean as you go’ was always—and still is—my mom’s advice when cooking. It really does keep cleaning and dishwashing so much more manageable.”
- Danielle Sokol, client services manager

jelina saliu

“My mom taught me the art of air drying clothes after every wash cycle, rain or shine, which involved lots of clothes laying around the house! Today I practice just that by using The Laundress Signature Gallon and Fabric Conditioner Classic. It saves energy and our fabrics while leaving my home smelling like clean laundry.”
- Jelina Saliu, chief executive officer

“Growing up, my mom was adamant about making the bed every single morning. As kids, my siblings and I thought it was silly to go through the whole bed-making process only to get back in it a few hours later, but now that I’m older, I get it—and I’ve fully embraced the habit. Making my bed each morning makes me feel put-together and ready to take on the day, and there’s nothing like jumping into a crisp, well-made bed when it’s time to go to sleep. I also make it a weekly ritual to wash my bedding with a special detergent—our dreamy No.10, which is the perfect blend of rich spices and silky musk. It gets me so excited for bedtime...which is probably a sign I’m getting old. Mom—if you’re reading this, you were right about this one!”
- Marissa Oliva, content manager

Anna parkey

“My mom has only ever used powdered starch for linens. It's hard to find nowadays, so she used to try to stock up on them at estate sales and specialty stores whenever she could. Ever since she was introduced to the Laundress, she's fallen in love with the Stiffen Up spray and has nearly forgotten about her powdered product!”
- Anna Parkey, office manager

“My Mom always said 'if it ain’t broke don't fix it'. This applies to pretty much everything in life, including my laundry. We stick to the Signature Detergent. The classic scent and expert formula never fails. It ain’t broke, and it definitely needs no fixing!”
- Jaleesa Solano, finance manager

“My mom had my brother and I doing laundry 8 years young and would always tell us to fold our clothes as soon as they came out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles. A good trick is to spray some Crease Release into my dryer’s drum a few minutes before the cycle ends for extra fresh, smooth laundry. And if I forget to take the clothes out right away (sorry mom!), it allows me to skip ironing.”
- Jessica Loner, ecommerce manager

“Since I was about 4 or 5, my mom would have me help sort the by color and look out for delicate fabrics. Anything that was remotely delicate went into a mesh washing bag to prevent it from accidently going into the dryer with the rest of the load. Then, I’d get to put the quarters into the washing machine for a job well done. (I’m convinced moms invented the original reward system.) Now, I’m still super particular about sorting the laundry; I use the same mesh bag trick and look forward to involving my baby when he gets older..."
- Hannah Yokoji, brand director

“My mom taught me to watch out for dry cleaning because it will ruin your clothes, so I hand wash my cashmere with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, then lay flat to dry.”
- Tracee Ellis Ross, Laundress fan ;)

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