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Things We Love

Things We Love | Making Messes

Jul 27, 2017

Making messes isn’t just for kids. Queens of clean Gwen and Lindsey aren’t afraid to get a little dirty in the name of good, clean fun. Keep reading to find out which messy activities are their favorite.

Lindsey Embraces Messy Family Fun

Lindsey and family love their beach days on weekends. From sand to salt water to sunscreen, the whole beach seems to find its way to the Boyd household, leaving this party of four lots to clean up!

When salt and sand ends up on your hardwood floors, follow our how-to for cleaning wooden surfaces here.  

In touch with her artistic side, Lindsey has always enjoyed painting, and she encourages her budding Picassos to do the same! The Boyds paint on canvas – or even the grass – using watercolors and paints.

See our tips for cleaning up paint messes here

There is no such thing as too many s'mores at Lindsey's house, especially in the summertime! Lindsey often finds sticky marshmallow smudges on her teak table or chocolate stains on clothing.

See our remedy for chocolate stains here

Horseback riding is something Lindsey and her kids make time for nearly every weekend, but a trip to the stables can lead to some serious – and sometimes stinky – stains, including dirt, dung, grass, and grime.

Learn how to tackle any dirty stains here

Gwen’s Messy for the Love of Food

Gwen and husband James love to harvest their own fresh fruits and vegetables on Saturdays at their farm share in Amagansett, New York. This farm to table duo doesn’t mind a little mud or dirt in the name of delicious eats.

See how to clean up muddy messes here

Seafood is best served fresh. Luckily, clamming is Gwen’s jam! On nice summer days, she and James get picked up beachside by friends for a day of boating and clamming. They anchor at nearby inlets to dig for clams in the sand before heading home to cook up their catch. One of her favorite recipes includes fresh clams, linguini and parsley from her Bridgehampton garden. Needless to say, this toe to table adventure gets pretty messy.

Read our how-to here, and rid your clothes of sand, salt, and ocean elements. 

Pie guy, otherwise known as Gwen’s husband James, has the baking gene. Together, the pair regularly whips up favorites like Four and Twenty Blackbirds Strawberry Pie or this delicious Strawberry Balsamic pie – well worth the mess.

To find out how to clean up berry pie messes, visit our how-to here

Regulars at the beach, Gwen and James are constantly battling the inevitable sunscreen stains on their swimsuits.

Use our how-to here, and scrub away any sunscreen stain. 


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