Summer days are for popsicles in the park and hot dogs the baseball field and we've got the stains to prove it! But these unsightly food messes DON'T have to be a bummer. From ketchup and mustard to sweet, melty treats, we have you covered with one set of steps that can banish literally any tannin stain, old or new.

What's classified as a tannin stain(most are colored stains):
Fruit juice, tea, chocolate, tomato sauce, and soft drinks/sodas

What you'll need:
The Laundress Make Messes Kit

How to conquer:
On Cotton, Linen & Durable Synthetics

  • Apply product: Apply Stain Solution directly to the affected area. For old, stubborn, or large stains, strengthen the formula by sprinkling All-Purpose Bleach Alternative on the Stain Solution to create a powerful paste.
  • Work the stain:Work the solution into the fabric using your finger or our Stain Brush.
  • Pour water on the stain: For added cleaning power, pour boiling water from a kettle onto the affected area. The force of the pouring water helps to do the work. You can also use water from a faucet set to its highest water pressure output.
  • Soak up to 30 minutes: Soak the item in a basin filled with hot water.
  • Reapply or repeat as needed: If the stain is not completely gone, repeat this process until satisfied.
  • Launder the item.

On Silk, Silk Blends, Silk-Like & Delicate Synthetics OR Wool, Cashmere, Wool Blends, & Wool-Like Synthetics

  • Follow the same steps listed above, but exclude the use of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative (it should not be used on silks or woolens) and use tepid/lukewarm water for pretreating and presoaking. When presoaking, be sure to never let a silk or woolen item soak for longer than 30 minutes.