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Spring Clean the Bathroom: Target the Toilet

Apr 11, 2016

The toilet. We know that cleaning it isn’t the most glamorous of chores, and lucky for us it needs to be done fairly often! Between hard water mineral deposits and soft water brown mold, it can feel as though we’ll never achieve a pretty potty. With our natural cleaners and a few simple steps, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that you and your guests always have a clean place to go.

From toxic waste to a sweet scented solution.

It may seem like the toilet is the best place to use your most powerful chemical cleaners. But traditional toilet bowl cleaners, like chlorine bleach and ammonia, not only produce fumes that leave your head spinning, they can poison the Earth’s bodies of water. It’s time to disinfect responsibly with The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and The Laundress Scented Vinegar. These effective natural cleaners allow you to clean with minimal effort in a non-toxic way.

Just sprinkle, squirt, soak, and swirl. No scrubbing required!

Step 1:
Sprinkle one capful All-Purpose Bleach Alternative into your dirty toilet bowl.

Step 2:
Then squirt Scented Vinegar into the bowl, making sure to hit the sides and under the rim where stains accumulate.

Step 3:
Allow this powerful yet natural mixture to soak. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative will disinfect, while the acidic nature of the Scented Vinegar will break down any mineral stains.

Step 4:
No need to scrub! Simply flush the toilet and watch the dirt and stains swirl down the drain.

Plus, keep your toilet clean while you’re on the road!

If you’re traveling away from home or have a toilet that’s not often used, leave the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and the Scented Vinegar to soak in the bowl!

The Laundress Product of Perfection

The Laundress Scented Vinegar is a 100% natural, corn-derived vinegar that is formulated with our exclusive sweet smelling No.247 scent. It’s got all of the incredible cleaning properties of white vinegar without the off-putting scent, making it the perfect choice for cleaning and laundry needs.

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