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Spring Clean The Bathroom: Remove Grime From Showerheads

Apr 14, 2016

Spring showers are expected to be in full force come April – and the same applies to your bathroom shower! If the showerhead is spraying water unevenly or lighter than normal, chances are that the holes have become clogged with mineral deposits. But with The Laundress’ 100% natural Scented Vinegar and – well that’s it – you’ll be able to achieve full water pressure once again!

Remove grime and mineral deposits with by filling a plastic bag with Scented Vinegar and put the baggy over the showerhead with the nozzle fully submerged. White vinegar will work to fight stains, buildup, odors, and germs naturally. To keep it stabilized overnight, secure the plastic bag with a rubber band or hair tie. Rinse when you wake up and then you’re all set to shower!

The Laundress Product of Perfection

Scented Vinegar is a 100% natural, corn-derived vinegar that is formulated with our exclusive sweet smelling No.247 scent. It’s got all the incredible cleaning properties of white vinegar without the off-putting scent, making it the perfect choice for cleaning and laundry needs.

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