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People We Love

People We Love: Jane Keltner de Valle

Aug 30, 2021

Our #PeopleWeLove interview series focuses on the lives of people we admire. Here, the dirt on their favorite things, day-to-day routines, and more.

As the former style director of Architectural Digest and founder of gentle (and incredibly chic) children’s skincare line Paloroma, we don’t have to tell you that Brooklyn-based Jane Keltner de Valle has impeccable taste. We chatted with her about her home style, back-to-school tips, and more.

Tell us about Paloroma and your journey to founding it.

The idea for Paloroma was born with our children. Roman had eczema as a baby, and we couldn’t find anything to treat it that met our standards of clean beauty and felt beautiful and personal—something we could connect with. So many products are loaded up with fragrances or dumbed down in design. We wanted to create something that modern, discerning parents could trust in, connect with, and relate to, and that children could grow with.

Giancarlo's family is in the skincare business, and he grew up in that business. We saw an opportunity to tap into a network of progressive labs. We're working with an amazing, progressive lab in Vermont. They've been so collaborative and also patient with us, because it's been a huge learning curve. We spent over two years working through the initial formulations.

For us, Paloroma is a lifestyle. We named it after our two children. It has heart and soul. Aside from being clean, gentle, and fragrance-free, I hope that there’s a certain pleasure derived from the way we present ourselves, whether it’s the playful product names or the pretty packaging. Our motto is beautiful on the inside and out. We want to create a holistic experience.


Product you’d recommend to someone who is new to the brand?

I truly love each and every one. We’ve been slow to add new products to the line because we only want to put something out there if we feel we can do it best in class. Our Clean Bean wash and Cloud 9 cream are our best-sellers. I love how multipurpose they are. The wash serves as a two-in-one hair and body wash for babies and children, then as you get older it can transition to just a body wash. It’s the only body wash I use. I am also totally guilty of stealing my children’s Cloud 9. Again, it’s formulated for babies in the sense that it’s made from gentle nontoxic ingredients to soothe and nourish the most delicate skin, but it’s rich and luxurious enough for all ages. It has a matte finish and leaves no greasy residue, which I love.

The packaging is so aesthetically pleasing. How would you describe your aesthetic for home and closet, and do you think there are any parallels between that and Paloroma?

I gravitate towards things that are timeless but also whimsical and not too fussy, which I think very much describes the aesthetic behind Paloroma too. Our children’s bedroom is my favorite room in the house. I’ve always loved powder blue and red together. It feels old world but playful, it’s gender neutral, and it is sophisticated enough that you can grow with it. The palette of the bedroom actually inspired the colorway for Paloroma!

paloroma inspiration

It’s almost back to school time! How are you preparing your little ones for the upcoming school year?

With all the remote days last year, we definitely reimagined how we use different spaces in the home. When our son Roman had home days, he turned our office/library nook into his classroom. We have a long dining table that is ground zero for everything from art projects to zooms—everything but dinner parties these days. When the kids are asleep, my husband and I usually set-up our laptops there. Kids are so adaptable. I was amazed by how well they handled the last year and half—though we are hopeful that school will resume a more normal in-person schedule this year.

Can you describe your work space?

I’ve been working from home since March 2020. My bedroom has become my home office mainly because the living/entertaining spaces are all open and I needed a door I could shut when the kids are home. My desk is tucked into a window nook overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such a New York view and makes me feel connected to the city. I miss the community of being in an office, but I think there are so many benefits to the work modes we’ve all been forced into. I think we've seen a cultural shift around flexible work arrangements that will be long lasting. It's now been seen and proven how productive people can be working remotely (in certain fields, of course, not all), and I think corporate culture will permanently adapt to that. We are already seeing businesses scaling back on office space knowing that sitting at a desk all day isn't necessarily the most productive or only way forward. But I think the biggest win here is that it allows parents and especially mothers flexible conditions to do their job in a way that works holistically with their family, career, and life. To me, that's really positive.

Your best tricks for finding balance?

Aerin Lauder once told me that her grandmother Estee used to say about balancing family, style, and business, “You can’t have it all at the same time—but you can have it all.” I love that sentiment. As women and mothers, I think we are often made to feel guilty for trying to be more than one thing. Beyond that, it’s just good advice to carve out time for each of the things that are important to you. When I’m working, I am immersed in that, and likewise when I’m with my children I try to be fully present with them.

jane keltner family

Favorite place to shop for home decor and why?

My husband’s gallery, Studio Giancarlo Valle.

Favorite place to shop for kids clothes, toys, decor?

Maisonette for one-stop shopping—they even sell Paloroma. Since long before the pandemic, I’ve been a devoted online shopper for the efficiency and ease it offers.

Paloroma harnesses really good, no nonsense ingredients. Are you also cognizant about the personal products you use on yourself?

Obsessive would be a more appropriate way to put it. I educated myself about clean beauty when I was pregnant, and it changed my entire approach to skincare. I’ve always believed less is more, but beyond that I’m just much more conscious about what I’m putting on my face or body. I clean my face with micellar water, followed by a spritz of Vertly face mist. I use True Botanicals or Joaquina Botanica face oils, with Elta MD spf layered on top during the day. Vertly lip butter is my go-to lip moisturizer. It’s a rollup stick, which just feels more hygienic than sticking your fingers in a jar, and it’s the first petrolatum-free one I’ve found that doesn’t leave a waxy residue. For body, I use our Paloroma Clean Bean wash and Cloud 9 cream. The wash is gentle but effective and leaves my skin super soft. The cream is rich and nourishing. Plus, I know exactly what’s in them which gives me peace of mind. For deodorant, I love Necessaire’s fragrance-free one. I am self-diagnosed OCD, so I became an obsessive hand washer during the pandemic. We created our hand wash and hand lotion in response to the times we are living in, and I couldn’t love them more. I have them stationed at every sink in our homes.

paloroma products

Favorite Laundress products?

The Delicate Wash for everything I used to send off to the dry cleaners pre-pandemic. The silver lining of Covid is that my dry cleaning bills have plummeted. And hand washing is gentler on clothing and the environment for pieces that don’t require dry cleaning.

The Whites Detergent. I live in whites all summer long, and give credit to this product for keeping them crisp and bright. I use it on our towels and bedding too. I love how concentrated The Laundress products are—a little bit goes a long way.

The Sport Detergent is my secret weapon for my children’s backpacks. I wash them a couple times a month for a refresh.

The Fragrance-Free Signature Detergent is our all-purpose detergent. I gravitate towards products that are free of perfumes whenever possible.

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