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People We Love

People We Love: The Artisans Behind Artisan

Feb 16, 2021

To celebrate our newest product collection, Artisan, is to celebrate the dedicated artisans that bring our vision to life. Behind each and every one of our thoughtfully-crafted products is a community of passionate innovators. At the helm of all this rich talent is our cofounder Gwen, the master alchemist who brings the fruits of their labor together to create a cleaning experience like no other. Below, get to know the Artisans behind Artisan.


Kara is a creative, generational perfume at a boutique fragrance house in New York City. She has been masterfully blending our scents for over 8 years and is a key partner in interpreting Gwen and Lindsey’s visions for The Laundress’s unique, complex fragrances.

When it comes to developing fragrances, the creative process starts with… inspirations drawn from life, including travel, food, emotions, music, scents, moods, experiences. From there we choose the raw and natural materials that match the inspirations to create a beautiful fragrance.

I'm inspired by… our ability to change and flex during the pandemic. By community, first responders, and nature. I'm inspired by my memories and by the strength I am finding in our world.

My favorite scent right now… I love so many. Right now I am loving Baccarat Rouge 540.

Something unexpected in my workspace… dachshund paintings and drawings!

My favorite Laundress product… No.10 Laundry Detergent. I love washing my sheets in it. They smell beautiful for the entire week.

When I'm not developing fragrances… I'm strolling the streets of Manhattan with my dog Marley, shopping for unique scents and brands, riding my bike, traveling, going to museums and frequenting the NYC Ballet.

There's an art to… resilience.


As a chemist and product developer, Megan has helped bring The Laundress formulas to fruition—from concept to clean—for over 11 years. She has played a key role in executing our dream of melding science and fabric care to create revolutionary formulas and has become family along the way. Always up for a scientific challenge, Megan blends up only the highest-quality, plant-derived ingredients chosen for their deep cleaning and preserving properties and is dedicated to empowering women in science.

I became interested in product chemistry because… I had always enjoyed and excelled in science and math in high school and college, so very early on I knew I wanted to pursue a career in chemistry. I was first exposed to consumer product development during my junior year of college during an internship opportunity. I fell in love with the research, testing, and creative aspects of the industry. I became full-time after college in May 2009 and began working with The Laundress there. We’ve been working together for the past 11 years!

My creative process looks like… I love to bounce ideas around with Gwen and the team on new ingredients and product ideas to optimize the cleaning process. Once I have a thorough understanding of the end outcome and performance expectations for the product, I retreat to our Brainstorm Room which offers a quiet space with bright, energetic colors to really foster free-thinking and creativity. Then it’s off to the lab to test it out!

I’m inspired by… My team inspires me! Despite all the challenges going on in the world I look forward to coming to work every day and collaborating with a group that is so talented and passionate about making the highest quality products for our customers.

My favorite Laundress product is… Signature Detergent for a classic gal! Right now I use this daily for hand washing my face mask and trust that it’s deep cleaning and providing a pick-me-up scent for the next day.

Something unexpected at my workspace… I have an Outlander calendar as it’s one of my favorite shows right now, but I like to switch up the picture page to the characters I like the most!

My biggest cleaning challenge is… As a former softball player and now coach, it’s always challenging to get tough dirt and grass stains out of my uniform. I wish I would have had The Laundress products back in my playing days to help keep my fabrics looking sharp!

When I am not busy developing solutions, I am… coaching high school softball at my alma mater with my Dad! It’s our passion, and it’s so exciting to coach together and teach young female athletes about dedication, work ethic, and teamwork, attributes that will make them successful in their future! I also love to travel and have visited 13 different countries. To this day, my favorite place is still Ireland.

There’s an art to… science!


Daniela is a fine artist and personal friend of Gwen’s who always has her illustrating pencil ready to create beautiful assets for the Laundress. For the past 26 years, Daniela has worked at Ralph Lauren Company in home design and as SVP of design of their women’s collection. When she’s not meeting with Ralph, you can find her at her art studio in Connecticut.

How I know Gwen, cofounder of The Laundress… I met Gwen at Ralph Lauren. We both worked there at the time.

I began working with The Laundress because… One day Gwen shared that she and her friend Lindsey were starting a new business called The Laundress. She asked me to create a character that would represent her premium product—a fashionable, fun woman in high heels, a chic apron, and always in a good mood, even while wearing rubber gloves. It seemed so fun and I loved her instantly. I related to her! The Laundress Lady, as we’ve come to call her, is the epitome of The Laundress.

What I love about The Laundress’s solutions… the smell, the design, the quality, and the charm of The Laundress Lady on the label! As soon as the product hit the market I was hooked and I am still in love with the artistry of the products.

laundress lady


Charlie is a set stylist with experience working at iconic department stores such as Barneys, Ralph Lauren, and Bergdorf Goodman. He works with The Laundress to tell their story through the rich window displays at their NYC flagship store and went behind the lens to capture stunning photography and videos for the Artisan campaign.

A summary of my career journey… After moving to New York after college in 1989, I began working as a photographer’s assistant, and with one in particular that relied heavily on elaborate and surreal sets, which I found very exciting and inspiring. After that I started working at Barneys NY in window display which was an incredible experience, as well as at Bergdorf Goodman and Ralph Lauren. Eventually I left window display and began assisting a prop stylist who I met at Barneys, and after a couple of years I started working on my own ( I began working with The Laundress on their window displays when the flagship store opened in 2015. I was introduced to Gwen by a mutual friend who we both know from working at Ralph Lauren.

What inspires me… all of the online art exhibitions and events that have been happening over the past year. People have really been creative in finding ways to share creativity. I’ve also started my own online gallery and resource space and have been really enjoying discovering artists and other alternative and collective spaces. (

My favorite Laundress formula... Forest Therapy Signature Detergent. I pretty much only wear T-shirts, and have my entire life, so I have quite a collection. Over the past year I’ve been buying a lot of artist- made tees.

Something unexpected at my workspace… Nothing feels unexpected to me in my studio! I have very organized and labeled plastic bins that range from paints to artificial butterflies to “shiny things.”

My favorite window display that I’ve created for The Laundress… I think my favorite windows were from January of 2017, where I made two giant snowmen!


When I’m not busy with set design I’m… keeping very busy with a lot of personal projects as well as rewatching a lot of films that I’ve collected on DVD over the years. Also, baking pies! A few years back I won best pie at a friend’s 4th of July party - all the judges were Martha Stewart employees so I felt I did something right! My favorite, which I won with, is a three berry (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry) and the secret to a good piece is to make everything from scratch. No pre-bought crusts or anything from a can! I also make my crusts with butter only—no lard.

There’s an art to… listening, to others as well as yourself, and staying present in life.

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