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People We Love

People We Love: Aslaug Magnúsdóttir

Sep 30, 2021

Our #PeopleWeLove interview series focuses on the lives of people we admire. Here, the dirt on their favorite things, day-to-day routines, and more.

After spending the better part of her career in fashion —she’s the cofounder of “pre-tail” site Moda Operandi, Aslaug Magnúsdóttir saw firsthand how much the fashion industry impacts the environment and set out to do something about it. Enter Katla, a holistically sustainable line that values transparency as much as it does quality, detail, and fit. Here, we talk Katla, how to be a more conscious consumer, and the staples that everyone should have in their closet this fall.

What is your background and how did it lead you to Katla?
I have spent most of my career in fashion, including co-founding Moda Operandi back in 2010. I have always been passionate about doing my part to move the fashion industry forward—to introduce new ways of shopping while increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Over the last years the environmental impact of the industry has become more and more apparent. It is critical for industry leaders to find ways to shift fashion towards a more sustainable future. I felt that there was an opportunity to create a new kind of fashion company that would be designed from the outset to be as holistically sustainable as possible – which is why I created Katla.

katla wardrobe

Tell us about Katla!
Katla is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand that sells beautiful, quality loungewear and dresses. We have designed our business in a way that minimizes environmental impact and supports ethical practices. We manufacture on-demand and in small batches to minimize wasteful overproduction; we select environmentally friendly fabrics, we offer transparency through the unique tracking numbers on each of our items and we offer a resale/ recycling program for when customers no longer wish to wear their items. Our clothing is designed for the modern woman who wants to feel comfortable and chic at the same time while also making positive decisions for our environment.

Why is it so important for brands to be transparent about sourcing, manufacturing and production?
It is extremely important for consumers to get a full picture of the items they are buying. In most cases, we know so little about the clothing we put on our bodies every day—who made them, how they were made, what impact manufacturing of the items had on the environment. More and more consumers are asking for this information and I think ethical and environmentally friendly practices will become a bigger part of the purchasing decision for a growing number of consumers.

At the same time, transparency allows us to highlight the fabric suppliers and manufacturers who are applying positive practices and thereby encourage more and more to follow in that path.

Can you talk recycling and upcycling clothing?
The sad truth is that today 3 out of every 5 garments manufactured end up in landfill. We want to tackle this in two ways. First of all, we don’t design trend driven seasonal items. Our designs have a timeless element and are meant to be loved and cherished for a long time. Second, if a customer no longer desires the item we want to make sure they don’t simply throw it away. Giving used items a second life is an important element of reducing wasteful behavior in the industry. We incentivize our customers to return their Katla items after they stop using them and we pay for the return shipping.

What is your design process like at Katla?
Our designs have a timeless essence. We value beautiful design that is at the same time comfortable and practical for a modern woman. Our colors and prints are deeply inspired by nature; in particular the nature of my home country of Iceland. We do not follow fashion seasons but rather introduce new products on a regular basis. We get a lot of feedback and input from our customers and take that into account as we introduce new designs. We also love design collaborations where we work with artists or influencers to come up with unique new prints or designs. We’re excited to launch several of those in the coming months.

Where do you see trends going this fall?
It will be interesting to see how sales of sweats and athleisure hold up in the coming months versus more formal and occasion wear. My guess is that consumers will still be attracted to comfortable, easy pieces, in particular those that can transition between day and evening or home and office.

pink dress

3 fashion staples everyone should have in their closet and why?

  • The classic slip dress is a staple that no woman should be without. It offers timeless elegance and can be worn casually with sneakers or sandals or dressed up for a formal occasion with heels and jewelry.
  • Jumpsuits are one of the most versatile items to have in your closet. They are instantly cool, comfortable and appropriate for almost any occasion.
  • Cozy, chic sweatsuits are a must. Perfect for staying at home, traveling or running errands.

Must-have Katla item for fall? The Viktoría jumpsuit. It is one of our most loved styles and the perfect fall outfit for almost any climate.

Katla and The Laundress share similar ethos—helping clothing last longer is at the core of what we do. Do you have any clothing care tips that you’ve found that helps with longevity?
Enabling customers to consciously select clothes they will love to rewear and style in creative ways is at the heart of Katla.

One of my top tips to take care of everyday laundry more sustainably is to identify which items–like jeans, sweaters and shirts–can be worn a few times before putting them in the laundry. Washing and drying too much can cause wear and tear on fabrics and uses a lot of energy. Hand wash and air dry when you can and keep your items fresh by spraying Fabric Fresh Classic which is a plant-derived formula that helps to remove odors and adds a crisp, fresh scent.

fabric fresh classic

Favorite Laundress products?
I’m a big fan of the Laundress Stain Solution! It makes it so easy to remove tough discoloration from garments and prevents your clothes from being ruined by a tough stain. Whether it’s a splash of green juice or a drop of coffee, the Stain Solution helps clear and remove stubborn stains and keeps your clothes out of landfills.

stain solution
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