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People We Love | Amanda Kloots

Jan 6, 2017

Former Broadway dancer Amanda Kloots has moves to spare. Now, she’s graciously sharing them in her new dance, cross-fit hybrid class, The ROPE™, at STUDIO B. The class, which works your entire body with a jump rope, involves fun, high-intensity moves, great music and motivation courtesy of Amanda’s contagious energy level. Find out how she stays fit and how she indulges (in moderation).

The Rope Class was created because…
I created The Rope Class over a couple years.  I was reading an article on how jumping rope burns more calories than running and swimming and since I am not a runner or a swimmer and always enjoyed jumping rope, I picked it up again.  One day I was training a private client and we started off with the jump rope and I thought, "What if we never put this down!" An hour later when both my client and I we drenched in sweat, I knew I was on to something!  I fine-tuned my method and created unique toning moves and debuted the workout at Bandier's Studio B in April of 2016.

The biggest challenge when starting a workout movement is…
The biggest challenge when starting a workout movement is getting people to try something new. New Yorkers especially want to be good at something right away!  We have this need to perfect.  People either are terrified of jumping rope or think it will be easy because they did it when they were 10 years old.  Once they start jumping it's another story!  I like to remind my clients that practice makes perfect.  You don't walk into your first yoga class and do a headstand!  This is a new and unique workout that you see yourself get better at!  Each time you pick up the rope you get better, stronger, and your stamina and coordination increase!  

I usually break my New Year’s resolutions by…
I don't make New Year’s resolutions!  I do, however, make a list of goals for the year.  Then, I make a vision board of those goals and put it somewhere that I see every day.  That way I am visually taking things in everyday even if it is subconsciously.  It's been a huge success for me! 

My favorite song to work out to right now is
A-Yo by Lady Gaga.  love that it starts out with "Here we go!"

My go-to dance move is…
I love a twist move because I love love love to tone and slim the waist!  So right now it is a hip move I do to work the obliques! 

My favorite laundress product is…
The Sport Detergent!!  I have tried so many and nothing gets the stink out of my sweaty clothes like The Laundress!  It's incredible!

I'll never give up this in my diet…
Ice cream!!! 

I relax by…
Getting a massage! 

One thing you may not know about me is…
I have a dessert website with my best friend and we review desserts from all over the world!  Have your cake and eat it too!  All in moderation!

A person I can't wait to train is…
I would LOVE to train Katie Holmes! We are both from Ohio! She loves to sing and dance like me and she loves cupcakes! It's a match!

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