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@mizzfit_bianca Asks The Laundress: How Do I Clean & Preserve Swimwear

May 16, 2016

Sun’s out, swim’s in! We wait all year long for that perfect summer day where we can finally break out our swimsuit and wade in (hopefully warm) water. And while we’re a bit TOO excited to parade around in our new suit, cleaning it so that not a trace of tanning lotion, sunscreen, or sand is left behind can feel like treading water.

Founder of, Bianca Jade finds herself faced with the same issue and asked The Laundress:

“I love wearing my stylish, designer bikinis when I go on tropical adventures (even if I expect to get dirty) because this is how I get sun. I’m not one for laying around the pool or on a beach chair! I like to move and discover new things. But this has taken a toll on my bikinis and I need a solution STAT!

I already use The Laundress Sport Detergent on all my high performance fitness clothes and athleisure because I love its clean-smelling fragrance and that it’s designed for fabrics like nylon, and spandex. Even though I put my activewear through the toughest of workouts, I find it’s often the most delicate to wash. I’ve developed a ritual that works—of washing and mostly hang drying–and now I want to do the same for my swimwear. So let’s see what The Laundress comes back with…”

What You'll Need

Sport Detergent | Wash & Stain Bar


Target Tough Stains: Pretreat stains and discoloration from lotion, sunblock, and oil with the Wash & Stain Bar. Simply lather the bar with tepid water and work it into the fabric. Use the bar to work delicate straps and underwire as well.


Soak It Up: Submerge the swimsuit in a bath of warm water and 2 capfuls or a squirt of Sport Detergent. Create a mini whirlpool by agitating the water with your hands. Leave to soak for 30 minutes.

Hold The Ring: Rinse the suit well while gently squeezing out water. Avoid ringing or twisting.


Lay Out: Lay flat to dry. To ensure your suit lasts more than just one season, steer clear of the dryer! The heat will reduce elasticity and damage the fabric.

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