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Meet the Founders

Jan 11, 2013

Gwen is at the helm of design, product development and production at The Laundress. When it comes to finding new and innovative ways to improve laundering and home cleaning, she’s not afraid to roll up her beautifully pressed, stain free sleeves and get her hands dirty.

Constantly after the best of the best, Gwen finds inspiration in unexpected places such as a market in Provence, a bed and breakfast in the English countryside, and a cheese shop in San Francisco.

Prior to founding The Laundress, Gwen worked at Ralph Lauren as a senior designer for the Ralph Lauren Home Collection, a position she held for five years. Previously, she worked in Women’s Wear Design and Polo Store Development, also at Ralph Lauren. In her 20s Gwen’s passion for fabric and fashion took her all over the globe, from India to Argentina.

Most Treasured Item from Wardrobe:
Both my grandmothers collected beautiful hankies. I have a special few, including one that features the lost art of hand-tatting.

Laundry Pet Peeve
When people spill while at a restaurance and make the stain worse by treating it with water and napkins. The best thing to do (honestly!) is to enjoy a glass of wine and take care of it later.

Favorite Laundress Product
My favorite is our Stain Solution. I use it with every wash. When I say it gest everything out, I really mean everything.

Proudest Laundry Victory
Every time I remove a tough stain, I experience a little victory! I can’t tell you how many times my friends have called me in the midst of stain crises and I’ve FedExed them a bottle of our Stain Solution. It never fails to save the day.

With her fingers on the pulse of the retail industry, Lindsey serves as the resident sales and marketing expert for The Laundress. Over the years, she has forged a range of relationships with diverse sales partners throughout the world. Lindsey brings The Laundress experience to delighted customers near and far.

Before founding The Laundress, Lindsey was the manager of U.S. sales for Chanel Read-to-Wear, where she trained and managed boutique and large wholesale accounts. Prior to her tenure at Chanel, Lindsey worked in product development and corporate sales for Brooks Brothers.

Creative and entrepreneurial from an early age, Lindsey previously designed and marketed her own line of T-shirts that were sold at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendels.

Most Treasured Item from Wardrobe:
My first Chanel jacket, bought in 2000 – a timeless piece that I still wear, love and wash.

Laundry Pet Peeve
Wrinkled clothing! Unless it’s linen, in which case I give anyone a free pass.

Favorite Laundress Product
I really love our Delicate Wash, especially for silk dresses, blouses and scarves. This is my “go to” product for 75% of my wardrobe, allowing me to bypass the dry cleaner.

Proudest Laundry Victory
Removing an entire glass of wine from my sofa during a party. My friend watched in amazement as the stain came right out. Some new believers were born that day!

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