With our arsenal of eco-friendly and allergen-free fabric care solutions in hand, follow these steps to achieve the most effective and efficient cleaning because it ALL comes out in the wash.

Wash Before Wearing: Always wash baby items before first-time use. Launder with hot water to best remove stains and odor and kill bacteria and germs. Add Baby Fabric Conditioner to fluff, soften, and reduce static.

Secret Stains: Playing “hide-and-seek" with stains is never fun. Formula, breast milk, and spit-up are not always visible until after you wash and dry. Pretreat your clothing and babies' items with Stain Solution to help hinder surprise stains! Play it safe and add All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to every load.

Keep Small Items Together: Place small items such as socks and hand mitts in a Mesh Washing Bag to keep them together throughout the washing and drying cycle.

Softening & Static: Gentle on delicate skin and scented in our calming Baby scent, this conditioner softens items while reducing static and wrinkles. Add conditioner to the dispenser for the perfect complement to the Baby Detergent.

Cloth Diapers: Simply rinse out excess soil with hot water and treat stains with Stain Solution. Follow by presoaking in a wash basin or sink of hot water and 1 capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Finish by machine washing in hot water with Baby Detergent.

Hand-Me-Downs: Hand-me-downs don't have to look worn. For older set-in stains, add 1 capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to a wash basin or sink with hot water and presoak the garment. Follow by washing with Baby Detergent and hot water.