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Introducing Our Pet Duo

Apr 28, 2017

When it comes to our fur babies, we want the very best, but their affection can come with some stipulations. For these hairy situations, we turn to our Pet Duo, featuring Darks Detergent and our Clothing & Upholstery Brush. This tough pair is perfect for odor, pet dander and of course, pet hair on clothing and throughout your home.

Pets mark their territory in more ways than one, but the most common is a furry little trail that follows them wherever they go. When fur finds its way to your couch or your clothing, a swipe left (or right) with our Clothing & Upholstery Brush will remove fur, hair, fuzz, lint, and pills. Handcrafted by the artisans at Redecker, the brush was made to last a lifetime.

Another tool in the fight against lint is our Darks Detergent. Specially formulated to repel dander, lint, hair, and fuzz, the detergent is packed with stain-fighting enzymes. Built-in color-guards preserve fabric color and brighten. Darks Detergent is allergen-free and toxin-free so it’s safe for washing your pet’s bedding and outfits too.

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