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I am The Laundress | Heejae Kang

Oct 12, 2016

Heejae Kang is the CEO of Korean-based retail company UTG. In addition to a carefully curated selection of beautiful clothing, her website also offers unique handbags, shoes, and accessories. Check out her Instagram feed for a healthy dose of fashion eye candy. The fashion-forward entrepreneur shared the scoop on laundry day at her home in Seoul.

My favorite laundry tip or trick is…
I’m a very active woman and I enjoy golf, skiing, and other sports. I always have to deal with my sportswear safely at the same time removing odor. My favorite tip is to hand wash with cold water using detergent and afterward, use Fabric Fresh Classic. It doesn’t ruin sportswear’s functionality and cleans with my favorite scent, Classic.

The most important laundry tip I learned growing up was…
Some garments and fabrics must be laundered differently. I once shrunk my favorite cashmere sweater.

I make laundry an enjoyable task by…
I really enjoy styling my home in addition to myself. Whenever I’m in my lovely, recently decorated laundry room, I enjoy doing laundry.

My proudest laundry victory is…
One day I found old wine stain on one of my favorite satin dresses. I used Stain Solution. It was gone so easily. So, I shared my experience with my customers at UTG. They were very happy and satisfied with my laundry tip.

My favorite Laundress product is…
Signature Detergent and Fabric Fresh Classic.

I used to be afraid to wash…
A silk blouse or cashmere sweater at home. Now I’m confident enough to wash any fabric at home with The Laundress.

My laundry room is…
Specially decorated and designed for an enjoyable laundry experience. I love clothes professionally and personally so my laundry room is a very valuable space for me.

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