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How To

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

Jan 28, 2020

Medicine cabinets may just be one of the most underrated storage areas, and the state of yours can make or break your mornings. So we turned to organizing pro Monica Leed to help get ours into tip-top shape. “An organized bathroom is key to your personal wellbeing,” says Monica, owner of Simply Spaced and author of Simply Spaced: Clear The Clutter and Style Your Life. “When you clear the clutter, toss the toxic products and streamline your beauty routine, you simplify your day, reduce decision fatigue, and best of all, you can enjoy the bathroom as a place of respite, not stress.” Ahead, her very best tips.

Gather These Tools:
Home Cleaning Best Seller Kit, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths, Aprés Laundry Cream & Hand Soap Duo, and Home Spray

how to organize a bathroom cabinet

Step 1: Simplify

Pull everything out, group like-with-like, and toss or donate anything you do not love, need, or use. Let go of old prescriptions, anything broken, or misaligned with your current goals or regimen.

Step 2: Deep Clean

Now that your cabinet is empty, use an eco-friendly cleansing spray like The Laundress Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths to wipe it free of spilled product and dust.

Step 3: Organize By Usage

When you begin restocking your medicine cabinet, keep only what you use daily, like toothpaste, cleanser, and face cream, on the lower, reachable shelves. Anything less frequently used can be stashed up top.

Step 4: Streamline

Decant items like cotton swabs or cotton balls into small glass jars that will fit in your cabinet. These are also great for storing slim tubes like toothpaste and lip balms.

A magnetic strip that can be adhered to the inside of the cabinet door so smart for holding items like nail clippers and tweezers.

I also recommend switching to reusable products wherever you can to cut back on cost, bulk, trash and clutter. I love reusable cotton rounds, and I have switched to a safety razor. Disposable products aren’t great for the planet and they just create more clutter! Any products made from steel, glass, cotton or bamboo, also look prettier on your shelf.

Step 5: Style

A well-organized medicine cabinet will not only make your routine simpler, but a little more aesthetically pleasing, too. Here are my tricks for making yours #shelfie ready.

  • Group similar items together (like skincare products) in a row, from tall to short.
  • Replace disposable items with the real thing and keep medicine and vitamins concealed in drawers. If you have kids, they should be out of reach anyway. I like a cute medicine box to hide all my health related items, so my cabinet shelves only hold the daily necessities.
  • Anything in all white packaging or glass will look instantly elevated!

Step 6: Optimize Drawers & Under-Sink Storage

For excess product, I always utilize my bathroom drawers or cabinets beneath the sink. I’ll use drawer organizers, shelf risers, lazy susans, or over-the-door organizers to corral things like scissors, hair tools, and extra bottles. Think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions!

Step 7: Add Special Touches

If you love your space, you are far more likely to maintain it. Add in some nice touches like Aprés Laundry Cream & Hand Soap Duo and Home Spray, which are heavenly-scented and free of harsh chemicals.

Step 8: Make Your Bathroom Shine

Now that your medicine cabinet is an organized masterpiece, why not go all the way and give the rest of your bathroom a complete clean? Make your mirrors gleam with Glass & Mirror Cleaner, give the floors a quick mopping with All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, set out a bowl of Scented Vinegar for 15 minutes to absorb odor, and scrub your tile, sink, and toilets with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative mixed with hot water.

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