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How To

How Do You Clean A Mattress? And How Often?

Sep 24, 2020

You wash your sheets, pillow cases, comforters, and duvets on a regular basis. But when’s the last time you cleaned your mattress? Even if you have a mattress pad or cover on your bed, your mattress still needs cleaning because dust mites, perspiration, dead skin cells, body oils, and residue from pets can make their way through. Icky, right? But we’ve got good news—you don’t need to get your mattress professionally cleaned every time you want to give it a refresh. Our tips make cleaning easy and speedy enough to do every time you change out your sheets. Zzz for yourself:

how to clean a mattress

Step 1

Remove all bedding and mattress covers or pads, and let your mattress air out for a few minutes. (Note, this applies to crib mattresses, too!) It’s a good idea to open up the windows to get some fresh air circulating.

Step 2

Scan your mattress for stains. If you spot any, spot treat them with a *wet Wash & Stain Bar. Work the bar into the affected area, then blot excess soap with a damp Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. Use a dry cloth to sop up all excess moisture—key for preventing water marks.

*If treating blood stains, use cool or cold water only.

how to clean a mattress

Step 3

Now for the key player—our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. The formula’s unique crystals latch on to odors and absorb them. Sprinkle the crystals evenly over your mattress, and allow them to sit and work their magic for 15-30 minutes.

Step 4

Use a vacuum with a nozzle attachment (make sure yours is clean!) to remove all the crystals.

Step 5

how to clean a mattress

For an extra boost of clean, you can steam your mattress, hovering a Jiffy Steamer over the entire surface. (Add some Ironing Water to the steamer’s tank for a fresh scent.) This kills germs and will remove any remaining odors. Don’t forget the sides of your mattress!

Step 6

Allow your mattress to sit for a few more minutes before replacing your bedding.

Step 7

In between cleanings, refresh your mattress and bedding with Fabric Fresh Classic to whisk away odors and infuse them with the nostalgic scent of fresh laundry.

Be sure to check out our how-tos on washing pillows, bedding, and down comforters

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