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How To

Clean Common Areas in 10 Minutes or Less

Sep 23, 2021

With our time saving shortcuts, you don’t have to block out hours to clean your house. Our #1 trick for keeping our homes tidy and shiny? Setting aside 10 minutes or less a couple of times a week and focusing on these most-used, most-loved, and most-important areas. Here’s how to do it.

living room cleaning tips


Your Cleaning Kit: Home Cleaning Heroes, Horse Hair Broom, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Home Spray, Duster for Small Spaces

Step 1: Clean Foot-Trafficked Spaces
Keep floors debris-free by doing a quick sweep with our Horse Hair Broom (a serious magnet for dust, dirt, and everything in between). To kick grime without doing a full mop, dilute some All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate with plain water in a Glass Bottle Sprayer and spritz over areas that need special attention. Wipe clean with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

Have more time to spare? Give your floors a deep clean, no matter what they’re made of (hardwood, tile, granite, laminate, Pergo) with our complete floor cleaning how-to.

Step 2: Swipe Away Dust
Run a Duster for Small Spaces over credenzas, side tables, picture frames, light fixtures, and any other hard furnishings in these areas. Finish by wiping down surfaces with a spritz of Surface Cleaner (suitable for all surfaces including finished wood) and a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

Step 3: Freshen In Seconds
Mist Home Spray in the air and over soft furnishings for a soft yet lingering pine and rose scent.

feather duster


Your Cleaning Kit: All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Scented Vinegar, Wash & Stain Bar, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Feather Duster, Glass Bottle With Sprayer, Surface Cleaner, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, Fabric Fresh Classic

Step 1: Vacuum Up Odors & Residue
Sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternative over carpets, rugs, and sofas and allow to sit for up to 30 minutes, giving the dry crystals time to sop up unwanted odors. Then vacuum them up. For added odor removing power, pour some Scented Vinegar in a Glass Bottle With Sprayer and lightly spray upholstery and rugs and carpets to eliminate odors.

Step 2: Breathe New Life Into Sofas & Couches
Spot treat any obvious stains on soft surfaces with the Wash & Stain Bar and Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth: Lather the bar under cool water, work directly into the spot until it’s lifted, then wipe away soap with a dampened Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. For a more detailed step by step, click here. To round things out, spritz Fabric Fresh Classic over seating to eliminate odors and leave behind a freshly-washed linens scent.

Got an extra hour? Clean “dry clean” home accessories like wool blankets and curtains at home with our smart steps.

Step 3: Clean Slate Your Surfaces
Do a once over with our Feather Duster: Target the coffee table, side table, television, lamps and lamp shades, and any decor items. Follow up with Surface Cleaner or Glass & Mirror Cleaner for glass surfaces and our Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

how to clean the kitchen


Your Cleaning Kit: Surface Cleaner, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth, Linen Knit Dish Cloth, Scented Vinegar, Glass Bottle With Sprayer, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

Step 1: Degrime Cabinets, Counters & Backsplashes
Remove sticky fingerprints, smudges, and cooking splatters with a few sprays of Surface Cleaner and Linen Knit Dish Cloth. For a boost of deodorization, add some Scented Vinegar directly to the cloth and rub into surface in circular motions. While you’re at it, do the kitchen table, too.

Step 2: Get Stainless Steel Appliances Gleaming
Add All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and water to a Glass Bottle Sprayer and mist over faucets, the sink, and visible parts of appliances like microwaves, stoves, and ovens. Wipe clean with Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth.

Step 3: Kick Unsavory Smells
Fill a shallow bowl with Scented Vinegar and place wherever the scent is lurking: Most likely the fridge, inside a rogue cabinet, or the bottom of the trash can. Allow to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes, or switch out every few days to ensure long lasting freshness.

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