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How To

How-To | Remove Condiment Stains

Jul 29, 2014

Hot dogs and hamburgers (or veggie burgers!) are the ultimate summertime food staples, so we all know from experience that these meaty delights can be messy. Enjoy a caution-free cookout and lather on the condiments, because The Laundress has the perfect remedy for these pesky stains.

Pretreat at the Cookout

Ketchup stain spotted mid party – grab a Wash & Stain Bar, lather it with water, and work it into the stain to keep it from setting. A process so quick, you won’t be gone from the gathering for too long!

Finish at Home

Once the party’s ended and you’re back at home, treat the spot by creating a paste of Stain Solution & All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and apply it directly to the fabric.

Follow by pouring hot water onto the mixture to active the Bleach Alternative beads and soak in a bath of hot water for at least an hour. Stain still visible? It may take a few tries until it’s completely removed!

While this procedure is ideal for hardy textiles like cottons and canvas, use tepid water when treating delicates. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative should not be used on silks or woolens – for these fabrics, Stain Solution is sufficient.

Time is of the Essence

The longer the stain sits, the more difficult it is to lift! That’s why having a Wash & Stain Bar on hand to treat the stain upon occurrence is most effective.

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