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How To

How-To | Clean Your Grill

Jun 14, 2017

Cookouts, BBQs, Warm-Weather Potlucks - while the names are different the focal point is the same: THE GRILL. All summer gatherings revolve around this salivation-inducing mechanism, so when the last round of beef patties and hotdogs was divvied out amongst your hungry guests, a grease covered grill was no surprise. Get rid of this baked on mess faster than the food was devoured, following these steps.


Copper Cloth , Scented Vinegar


Pour Scented Vinegar directly onto the surface or Copper Cloth. The vinegar solution is made up of powerful cleansing properties for fighting stains and buildup.


Grab your Copper Cloth and scrub the grates until all debris is removed. This tool is much easier and effective at removing grease and grime than a traditional grill brush. The Copper Cloth cleans the sides and hard to reach areas of the cooking grate rather than just the surface. Its two-ply, copper thread weave is highly durable, so it won’t deteriorate after a tough cleaning session.


When you’re finished cleaning the grill, thoroughly rinse the grates with water. Machine wash your Copper Cloth in hot water to restore it to its original state.

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