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Five Tricks For Deodorizing Your Space

Mar 30, 2016

If waking up and smelling the proverbial roses isn’t part of your morning routine, it should be. Chances are a bit of freshening up around the home is all you need to achieve a crisp, clean scent that will greet you in every room. From our corn-derived Scented Vinegar to our unscented and odor-neutralizing oxygen bleach, we’ve got the products and the tricks – five to be exact – for eliminating pesky odors and inviting in spring clean (or at least the great smell)!

The Problem: Musty Carpets and Rugs
The Product: All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

Make a break from the toxic chemicals in commercial carpet cleaners. Deodorize musty rugs and carpets by sprinkling All-Purpose Bleach Alternative onto the odorous area and let sit for an hour. Finish by vacuuming up the beads along with dirt and odors.

Please note: While this tip can be used to remove odor from all fabrics, the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative should not be activated on woolens, silks, or leathers. To activate beads, hot/warm water must be poured onto this product.

The Problem: Smelly Upholstery
The Product: Home Spray

Sofas and upholstered seating are subject to high amounts of wear and tear from kids, pets, and day-to-day living. Professional cleaning services can be expensive, but you can lessen the frequency of visits by incorporating Home Spray into your cleaning routine. It doesn’t just mask odors; this spray helps to lift, neutralize, and remove the source of the odor instantaneously. All it takes is one spray!

The Problem: Cooking Odors and Not-So-Fresh Fridges
The Product: Scented Vinegar

Get rid of cooking smells – aka onions and fish – by placing a small pot of water and ½ cup Scented Vinegar on your stove top on low heat. Keep a small bowl of it on the counter to absorb odor as well.

For forgotten foods that have smelled up your fridge, first off toss them. Next, eliminate lingering odors by placing 1 cup Scented Vinegar in a glass in the refrigerator for two days. Keep refreshing the vinegar if the odor persists.

The Problem: Naughty Potty
The Product: Scented Vinegar

Clean and deodorize toilets by pouring 1 cup Scented Vinegar into the bowl. Let sit for at least a half an hour and then flush.

The Laundress Product of Perfection

Scented Vinegar is a 100% natural, corn-derived vinegar that is formulated with our exclusive sweet smelling No.247 scent. It’s got all the incredible cleaning properties of white vinegar without the off-putting scent, making it the perfect choice for cleaning and laundry needs.

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