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Wool Wash Made Easy

Washing woolens has long been thought of as a risky task. Will they shrink? Should you dry clean rather than wash at home? Thanks to The Laundress, you can remove “dry cleaning” from your vocabulary. Dry cleaners are both expensive and toxic, and our wool detergent, Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, makes it so much simpler and safer to wash your woolens at home. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle to have your woolens cleaner than ever before! Cashmere that is free of chemicals never goes out of style.

Cleaning with White Vinegar Smells Better Than You Think

Now that you’re ready to clean with white vinegar, you may be thinking, “What about the smell?” The Laundress has got you covered. We love cleaning with vinegar, but we don’t love the smell! That’s why we created a delightfully scented vinegar product; you can use it for deodorizing as well as cleaning and sanitizing. Eucalyptus, pine, rose, bergamot, lily of the valley, and thyme combine to create a pleasing aroma that will leave your home and clothing smelling great. It’s an all-natural clean you can rely on.

Ready to be impressed by the power of cleaning with white vinegar without that notorious smell? Our Scented Vinegar is just what you need.

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