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White Vinegar: Naturally Clean

Way back when, everyone identified vinegar as one of the most effective and powerful cleaning products on the market. Since then, corporate cleanser producers have overshadowed this all-natural cleaning product with the glitz and glam of brightly packaged, chemical-laden alternatives. At last, consumers are pulling back the curtain on these products and calling their bluff. People don’t want a clean that compromises their family’s health! Welcome to the reprise of white vinegar for cleaning. It doesn’t get much more natural than cleaning your home with a food-grade product!

Cleaning with White Vinegar Smells Better Than You Think

Now that you’re ready to clean with white vinegar, you may be thinking, “What about the smell?” The Laundress has got you covered. We love cleaning with vinegar, but we don’t love the smell! That’s why we created a delightfully scented vinegar product; you can use it for deodorizing as well as cleaning and sanitizing. Eucalyptus, pine, rose, bergamot, lily of the valley, and thyme combine to create a pleasing aroma that will leave your home and clothing smelling great. It’s an all-natural clean you can rely on.

Ready to be impressed by the power of cleaning with white vinegar without that notorious smell? Our Scented Vinegar is just what you need.

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