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Banish Sweat Smells from Your Clothing

It’s a complete disappointment when you wash clothing only to find that there is still a lingering smell! Some odors, such as body odors, are notoriously difficult to remedy. Here’s how to remove sweat smells from clothing with ease. First, select the Sport Detergent. This specialized formula was specifically designed for working out protein stains and body odors using naturally derived and effective ingredients. It may also be helpful to grab our Scented Vinegar for those especially stubborn odors. With this dynamic duo, they won’t stand a chance! Whether you’re trying to remove odor from workout clothes, chlorine from swimsuits or your daily wear needs extra love, this detergent is up to the challenge.

Say Goodbye to Body Odor Smells on Clothing

Remove body odor smells from clothing once and for all by using the Sport Detergent and Scented Vinegar. Start with the Scented Vinegar and follow the instructions on the bottle for the appropriate amount to mix in with warm water, and then soak your fabrics in the mixture for 30 minutes. You can also run a wash cycle using only Scented Vinegar if you prefer not to presoak. Once either of the vinegar treatments is complete, run a wash cycle using the Sport Detergent. And voila! You can say goodbye to those troublesome odors that just wouldn’t leave. If even a hint of odor remains, simply repeat the process, then allow yourself to be amazed at the results!

For stubborn workout odors like the smell of sweat and the gym our Scented Vinegar really does the trick to remove odor from clothes once and for all.

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