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How to Remove Oil Stains on Clothes

Clothing with Oil Stains Can Look Like New Again

You may love to cook, but do you always throw on an apron before you stir-fry or grill? Once a staple in the kitchen, aprons have become more of a novelty than a cooking must-have, and our clothes show the effects. Maybe you found the perfect recipe for pan-frying salmon or the best salad dressing in town but now it’s resulted in your Internet search: “how to remove oil stains on clothes”. In the past, an oil stain might have been the end of a garment. Lucky for you, The Laundress has the perfect product lineup to remove even the most set-in stains.

Making Oil Spots Disappear in a Few Simple Steps

First, soak the garment in a water temperature tolerated by the fabric (lukewarm for silk, to warm/hot for cotton) and wet a Wash and Stain Bar and rub it gently into the oil stain. Next, apply the Stain Solution directly on the spot then work the two stain-stoppers into the fabric. A soak for up to an hour and wash with the right detergent for the fabric, and your soiled garment should be good as new. The Wash and Stain bar in particular is well-suited to cleaning clothing with oil spots as it is a vegetable soap made with borax and essential oils, making it gentle and effective. It is also easy to slip into a suitcase or handbag so you can stop stains right when you notice them.

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