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How to Remove Chocolate Stains

The Laundress Knows How to Remove Chocolate Stains

There’s nothing like chocolate to brighten your day – unless, that is, it gets on your clothes! We have all dropped chocolate on ourselves, only to find it after it turns into a hard, set-in mess. Even the smallest flake can leave an unsightly blot. Lucky for you, The Laundress knows just what to do.

Solving Chocolate Spills and Stains

First, gently remove as much of the chocolate as you can without spreading the stain further. Second, apply Stain Solution directly to the affected area, making sure to work it into the fibers. For an extra chocolate stain-fighting punch, if you’re working with cotton or linen, you can sprinkle the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative onto the Stain Solution to form a paste. From a safe height pour hot water on the stain, using the force of the water can help separate the chocolate from the fibers of the cloth. Soak the item in the basin of hot water for up to 30 minutes.

If the stain has been removed, the next step is to launder on the warmest temperature the fabric will abide. But if the stain is still visible, don’t put the clothing in the dryer – you don’t want to set the stain. Instead, pre-treat it again.

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