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How to Remove Armpit Stains

Banish Sweat Stains from Your Shirts with The Laundress

We’ve all been there – that perfect white summer dress or shirt, ruined by sweat stains despite frequent washing. The yellowing, caused by sweat and body oils and made worse by the aluminum used in antiperspirants, is one of the toughest laundry challenges, and one of the reasons we got into the business! To stop sweat stains in their tracks, we recommend a one-two punch of pretreating and laundering.

Remove Underarm Stains and Keep White Shirts White!

First, apply Stain Solution directly on the stains, and sprinkle some All-Purpose Bleach Alternative on that to form a paste. Activate with the warmest water the fabric can tolerate, and use the Stain Brush to work the paste into the fabric. Then presoak the garment in water with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for up to an hour. If the stain isn’t fully removed after a first time, don’t sweat it! Just repeat the steps again until the sweat stains have been banished. Finally, use the Whites Detergent to keep all of your white clothes bright. Once you’ve gotten shirts back to bright, make sure to launder quickly to prevent those sweat stains from setting in. Note: this process is recommended for cottons, linens or other durable fabrics. Delicate items need more care!

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