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Environmentally-friendly Shampoos to the Rescue

Many are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We at The Laundress are right there with you which is why we’ve created a line of eco-friendly detergents to support this global initiative. Our nontoxic blends not only make your clothing look and feel great, but you’ll breathe easier knowing that you won’t have toxic chemicals on your skin and that you haven’t drained chemical-laden water back into waterways. Can one person make a difference? We think so, and we’re here to cheer you on.

Pollute Less and Enjoy More with Ecofriendly Detergents

Our products can whiten, brighten, and clean with the strongest of the chemical-laden brands. The difference is that you can feel good about every wash when you wash with The Laundress. Give our Signature Detergent
 a try and see for yourself how great your garments look, feel, and smell without the burden of nasty chemicals. One step at a time, all of us can begin to shift our way of life to a healthier one for ourselves and our planet. Cleaner laundry habits can be part of your move towards supporting a cleaner world.

Formulating eco-friendly detergents is what we do, and we’ve got a variety of products to help you, your wardrobe, and the environment stay clean. You can even buy in bulk and save!

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Signature Detergent 32 fl oz

Everyday Laundering

Whites Detergent 32 fl oz

Whitens & Brightens

Darks Detergent 32 fl oz

Darks & Colors

Delicate Wash 16 fl oz

Silk, Synthetics & Blends

Sport Detergent 16 fl oz

Activewear & Swimwear

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo 16 fl oz

Wash & Preserve Woolens

Baby Detergent 32 fl oz

Safe for Baby, Family & Environment

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