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The Laundress Brings Options to Dry Cleaner Customers

The Laundress has made your laundry our business—literally. Two of our goals have been to simplify the laundry process for our customers and bring a little more joy to the laundry room. That’s why we’ve designed products that make your clothes—even delicates and woolens
—look, feel, and smell superb without a visit to the dry cleaner. Why waste time and money on the dry cleaning when you can take better care of your garments with our non-toxic, easy-to-use product line?

Dry Cleaning Alternative: DIY

You deserve better than dousing yourself with the chemical mess of the dry cleaners. You can wash everything from your rugged cottons to your precious delicates and woolens
 right at home without the fear of ruining them by using our plant-derived, earth-friendly and incredibly effective products. Simply match up one of our great products to your item, follow the directions, and voila! Healthy dry cleaning alternatives have never been so easy. Not sure which products to use? Give us a call and one of our expert employees will assist you in choosing just the right items. Learn how to save on dry cleaning
 with The Laundress.

Contact us today to talk to one of our laundry specialists and find out how you can wash many pieces safely and effectively right at home using eco-friendly products!

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