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4 Ways The Laundress Does Eco-Friendly Cleaning Better

How Big Brands have failed your green housekeeping needs.

When it comes to the cleaning products you use in your home, they must be safe, effective, and produced by a company that you can trust. At The Laundress, we’ve spent over 12 years developing eco-friendly cleaning products free of toxic chemicals and artificial colors. We use science to create nontoxic laundry and home cleaning products that take care of your clothes, linens, household, and all of the things you love, including the environment. Store-bought products and big brand names – even the ones that claim to be “eco-friendly” – often fail to meet the high standards for laundry care and home cleaning that consumers demand. That’s why we created our own line of products made with effective, environmentally-friendly plant-derived and mineral-derived ingredients manufactured in the U.S.A. and NEVER tested on animals. Instead of wasting your time and money on common household cleaning products that fail to get the job done, find out why The Laundress does eco-friendly cleaning better than other store-bought brands .

1. The Laundress Cares About the Environment

If you look at a bottle of big brand “green” cleaning products, you’ll often find a host of additives, dyes, and other ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Many of these toxic chemicals are damaging to our environment and our bodies. The Laundress home cleaning products, however, are formulated from plant-derived and biodegradable ingredients, making them truly safe for the environment. The products, like our eco-friendly detergents, are free of chemicals and artificial colors. We also avoid the four P’s: phthalates, parabens, petroleum, and phosphates. We believe in protecting you and the environment by using safe, nontoxic ingredients that are highly concentrated and effective.

2. Our Eco-Friendly Products Are Allergen-Free

Many common laundry and household cleaning agents include high levels of toxicity that science and medical journals have deemed carcinogenic and harmful. That is why The Laundress has gone above and beyond the national standard to create allergen-free laundry detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products that won’t irritate your skin. By leaving out ingredients like chlorine bleach and ammonia, we’ve skipped the allergens to leave you with products that will preserve your fabrics, home, and health, too!

3. Nontoxic, Effective Cleaning Products

The Laundress cofounders’ specialized knowledge and experience led them to formulate fabric care and home cleaning products with active ingredients like cleaning enzymes, color guard, and non-chlorine bleach. These powerful and concentrated nontoxic ingredients are the hallmark of The Laundress collection, because they target stains and clean messes more effectively than large store-bought brands.

4. We Care About You

The Laundress was born out of a need to create high quality and eco-friendly fabric care and home cleaning products that are safe for families, wardrobes and heirlooms, homes, and the environment. All products are designed for specific fabrics and surfaces that both clean and preserve items.  

Even The Laundress website is dedicated to helping customers solve any and all cleaning questions or laundry issues. All solutions – products and how-to guides – are backed by years of experience, research, and science to provide you with the best laundering tips and the latest in helpful home cleaning tricks.

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