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Clean & Cleanse Profile: Inge Theron of FaceGym

May 17, 2017

Inge Theron knows firsthand the ins and outs of the latest beauty treatments. During her four years undercover as the Spa Junkie journalist, she visited 57 spas and underwent 25 anti-aging treatments. This led her on a quest to find a non-invasive procedure that could tighten and tone skin and ultimately, to her FaceGym concept. Noting that the human face has over 50 muscles, she determined that facial muscles deserve a workout to maintain a tight, lifted appearance just like any other muscle in your body. Similar to your gym routine, her workouts include warm-up, cardio, strength, and cool down – only while sitting in a chair with a therapist (or Face Trainer) working their magic massage techniques on your face at one of her London studios. Routines and supporting products are also available on Inge shared her beauty tips, musts, and more with us here. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is…
I drink Echinacea tea with a supersonic Manuka honey, kiss my two little daughters good morning and we do our beauty routine. The girls brush their teeth and mummy does her five-minute cleansing facial exercise routine.

The last thing I do before bed is…
My five-minute hydrating and sculpting facial exercise routine.  

I feel most beautiful when…
I have been on a weeklong yoga retreat, ideally in the jungles of Mexico. 

My favorite beauty product is…
I am very fortunate to have a custom beauty blend bar filled with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable oils in the studio so I pop in every weekend and have the mixologists blend me an oil or a cream. I’m currently obsessed with our new Passionfruit Oil. It’s so delicious and nourishing for spring.

To age gracefully, I recommend a person’s skincare regimen change with…
Every decade. You should have a beauty reinvention. In my 20’s I started paying more attention to my skin, started using products and started my interest in Facial Exercise. In my 30’s I started using advanced physician formulated brands and now, in my 40’s, I don’t go more than two weeks without a high-tech face workout using laser lights and currents.

I splurge on…
Silk pajama suits made by my husband’s tailor in Milan. I get a new set every season. It’s heaven and thankfully they look so smart I often don’t get out of them on the weekend.

One beauty tip that may surprise you is…
Eye lift exercises. It’s so simple yet so effective at staving off the appearance of saggy overhanging eyelid skin, eyelid bags, and dark circles or lines around the eyes. And what’s best is, it’s free.

CMSPage_Clean & Cleanse Profile: Inge Theron of FaceGym_ONE_SIZE_IMAGE_01

For a quick beauty pick me up, I recommend…
I am a huge fan of hydrating and cooling masks. I usually opt for a mask packed with vitamins and high-quality hyaluronic acid. 

The beauty product I can’t live without is…
I love SK11 Beauty Essence. It’s been in my routine since way before I could afford it!

The best spa experience I’ve ever had was…
In the jungles of Tulum with a Shaman. We started the morning with me dressed in nothing but a loin cloth bikini bottom doing an ancient prayer ritual with lots of chanting and smokes before spending an hour in the Temezcal (pre-Hispanic sauna) drinking peyote before being mummified in sacred red mud and left to bake and detox emotionally and spiritually (nothing apart from a little hole by my mouth was left uncovered) when the mud was dry they carried me into the ocean and unraveled me in the sea amidst prayers. It was as uncomfortable and painful as it was enlightening and utterly amazing! The next morning, I woke up with feet on the pillow something I had not done since a child it was truly life changing and set me and my life on a new wonderful course having lost all the emotional baggage that was holding me back. 

I never leave the house without…
My FaceGym Pro. It’s like having a personal trainer in my handbag. I use it whenever I have ten minutes free in a taxi or on take-off. It really makes a huge difference as I am naturally quite jowly. This helps me keep my face really toned and sculpted.

CMSPage_Clean & Cleanse Profile: Inge Theron of FaceGym_ONE_SIZE_IMAGE_01

I incorporate clean living by…
Being very conscious of all items I bring into the house. We are crazy label checkers, no matter food or skincare or nappies we make a big effort to always buy organic and natural products that have been sustainably farmed or made with as little packaging as possible.

I relax by…
Drinking the very best Californian full-bodied red wine, book in hand, and hubby on the piano. Heaven.

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