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Brighten, Whiten & Preserve Your Tees The John Mayer (& The Laundress) Way

Mar 28, 2016

Ultimate fan of The Laundress and textile lover, John Mayer treated his Snapchat followers to a thorough (and spot on!) lesson on handwashing using his Sea Island Cotton tees and our eco-friendly fabric care solutions. The mission at hand: wear the same seven white tees over the course of a year. And dinginess, yellowing, and pit stains are NOT in the picture.

As Gwen and Lindsey sought to solve the pit stain – one of the most common laundry issues- before creating The Laundress, John’s undeniably accurate take on our trusted tips definitely earns him points in the laundry room.

Missed his story on Snapchat? You’re in luck! We saved the video so you (and us too) can replay his How-To over and over again. Consider it the perfect pastime while waiting for a wash cycle to finish!

We weren’t the only ones completely impressed by John’s take on our laundry tips! GQ editor Jake Woolf got wind of this super-sudsy Snapchat story and captured his step-by step.

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