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Ask The Laundress : Washing Delicates

Oct 26, 2010


I have several new and vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses that are identified as 100% silk (silk jersey?) It says dry clean only, but can they be hand washed/delicate cycle at home?


Hi Jennifer, how exciting! I bet they are beautiful. Follow the below recipe for washing delicates. If there are stains you will want to pre-treat with Stain Solution. I would recommend hand washing and make sure to lay flat and in shape to dry.
Steam after.

Please note: do not wash any DVF rayon or viscose items – they will fit a 2 year old after….based on personal experience.

Happy Laundering!
Gwen Whiting


Hi Gwen,
Thank you so very much for your quick and thoughtful response! I had to laugh about washing the rayon or viscose dresses because, yup, I did that once before too! Comforting that I’m in good company.
Thanks again for the recipe! Absolutely could not exist without The Laundress products!

All my best,

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