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How To Clean Linen


The right way to wash linen always starts with pre-treatment. When washing linen, always pretreat stains before laundering. Always test dyed linen fabric before applying enzymatic stain treatments.

Flax linen is particularly prone to pit stains, yellowing, and dinginess. Focus on susceptible areas such as underarms, necklines, cuffs, and hems.

Machine Wash

Yes, you can machine wash linen! Always check tags for any special instructions before laundering, and wash with a fine detergent for everyday fabrics. For more delicate linen pieces, a gentler solution like our Delicate Wash can be used.

Our Signature Detergent is designed to lift stains and deep clean washable fabrics. Launder on the normal cycle with warm water to achieve the deepest clean, or use cold water for a gentler wash. Always protect any smaller linen pieces like delicate blouses by placing inside a Mesh Bag. Add a touch of softness and static reduction to fabrics with Fabric Conditioner. Wash linen with like colors and fabrics only to help prevent color and lint transfer.

Dry & Finish

Most linen can withstand tumble drying with high heat. Toss a set of Wool Dryer Balls in with your linen to help reduce static and fluff.

To ease ironing linen, remove from the dryer while still damp or line dry. To remove wrinkles from linen, iron on the highest temperature setting, or steam.

Line drying helps preserve fibers, colors, shape, and elasticity, while also saving energy. Give linen a quick steam with a fabric steamer to help soften linen's stiffness after air drying.

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