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caring for handbags

The Solution

Handbags, luggage, boots, shoes, and other accessories made of fabric are usually not washable. Even items made of commonly washable fabrics such as cotton and nylon risk losing their structure if washed. Instead, spot treat stains and freshen linings. For leather and suede bags, be sure to only treat the lining!

Wet a corner of our Wash & Stain Bar and use it to clean a small area of the item. Or, dab a small, inconspicuous area with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and a small amount of Stain Solution .

Do not continue cleaning if:
? The water or product leaves a mark or creates discoloration
? The treated area is cleaner and brighter than the rest of the fabric
? The fabric ripples or wrinkles

If you see any of the above reactions, stop spot treating. If the item requires further cleaning, take it to the dry cleaner.

How to Spot Treat:Wet the Wash & Stain Bar. Gently work a lather into the affected areas. You may also use our Stain Solution on a clean, wet Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth. Use cool to warm water, regardless of the fabric.

Do not use paper towels and certain types of sponges because they may leave lint or residue behind.

Remove soap and dirt. Dampen cloth (as needed) and repeat the process until satisfied. Be sure to remove all soap.

Freshen: Freshen and deodorize by spraying both interior and exterior with your favorite fabric freshener, such as Delicate Spray.


Items such as upholstery, drapery, carpeting, and mattresses are often not launderable via traditional methods. The Laundress offers options for safely treating stains and odors on these items to the best of our ability. For more tailored advice for your individual item, contact the manufacturer.