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Home Wool Wash Solutions

Skip the Dry Cleaners and Wash Woolens at Home

Wanting to clean your dirty cashmere sweater? Then why hose it down with harsh chemicals? Dry cleaners are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and we?re not sorry to see them go. Safe and effective home wool wash solutions are at your fingertips, and The Laundress is here to help. We?ve formulated natural products that are easy to use and will keep your woolens looking great for years to come. We even have a woolen spray for freshening items between washes. Keep your clothes clean while protecting your health and the environment.

Washing Wool at Home Is Easier Than You Think

Whether you?re hand washing or using the gentle cycle, our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is safe for your skin, your woolens, and the environment. Simply follow the directions on the bottle for best results! Your woolens will be preserved for years to come, and you can eliminate the dry cleaners from your routine. Skip the harsh chemicals and easily wash woolens right at home. Our biodegradable, non-toxic formula is safe to handle, so you can feel confident hand washing as needed. For instructions on how to wash woolen items, check out our Clean Talk Blog for advice and tips.

Did you know that The Laundress? products are ecofriendly and not tested on animals? Just one more reason you can trust us to make your wool washing experience a great one. (Or was that two reasons?) And remember to try our Wool & Cashmere Spray to stay fresh between washes!