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The Perfect Home Office

Your home office should inspire you and allow you to be the most productive version of yourself, but if your space is cluttered and unorganized, the opposite is true. So we tapped Corrie Jackson and Jennifer Baker of home organizing company Maison Haven and they shared their 5-step office organizing tactic. Now read on and get to work!

Working from home has taken on a whole new meaning! As we adjust to the new #WFH normal, it’s more important than ever to create a beautiful and functional space. The ideal office fits seamlessly into your home, but also allows you to switch off when the work day is done (and, yes, stick to working hours where possible). No matter the size of your setup, our stylish tips and hacks will whip it into shape!

Step 1: Edit

We always say skip this stage at your peril! Desks become a dumping ground for life’s paraphernalia. So, pump up the music, grab the loose paperwork scattered around your desk (and your house!) and divide it into these piles: To Do (items you need to deal with asap), File (paperwork to keep but not access daily), Recycle (junk mail, old magazines etc), Shred (bills or anything else with personal details).

Step 2: Know your zones

Look at your home office with fresh eyes. The most productive office spaces are split into three zones: work (desk area), reference (files and binders), supplies (stationery and paper). A clear zone for each makes the office run more efficiently. And don’t overlook wall space. We often add a wall-mounted ‘Command Zone’ for clients for their grab-and-go paperwork.

Step 3: Clean your desk

Sounds obvious but it’s a game changer, especially in the current climate. Your keyboard is a magnet for germs; so is your computer screen. We always keep a Cleaning Kit somewhere handy that includes a brush, screen cleaner and cloth. Once you’ve wiped the desk down, think through what you’re adding back. You only want what’s absolutely necessary within eyeline. Computer, water, daily stationery requirements. Keep clutter to a minimum. You know how the saying goes: tidy desk, tidy mind.

Step 4: Label, label, label

It’s the simplest way to maintain your system. We use our custom decals on everything from magazine files to pretty baskets. Then we deploy a simple label maker to add labels to the inner lip of each drawer so there’s no room for error!

Step 5: Make it pretty

We’ve spent years honing our organizing skills and one thing we’ve learnt along the way? If a space looks beautiful, it’s more likely to stay that way. So go for pretty, uniform storage. Add desk accessories that make your heart sing. Want to color-code your reference books? Go for it! Whether you’ve got a fancy-pants office or teeny kitchen corner, the space should uplift and inspire.

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About Maison Haven. We are two British friends on a mission to arm you with the tools, tips and products you need to transform the way you live. Our luxe organizing company has been dubbed a home’s juice cleanse, 12-hour sleep and reset button rolled into one!