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Stainless Steel Surface Cleaners

Clean Stainless Steel Surfaces and More with The Laundress Surface Cleaner

Sometimes cleaning the kitchen can be so complicated. One cleaner for the fridge; another for the backsplash; a third for the countertop. It?s exhausting! The Laundress set out to simplify your cleaning regimen by creating a Surface Cleaner that can work on all surfaces. This versatile formula is just as effecting cleaning stainless steel surfaces as it is tackling marble counters, butcher blocks, or tile. And its biodegradable and allergen-free ingredients are safe for food, pets, and people.

Stainless Steel Appliances can be Cleaned of Fingerprints Without Harsh Chemicals

More powerful than other cleaners for stainless steel surfaces or granite countertops, our Surface Cleaner will remove all trace of fingerprints and grime from your appliances or countertops. Unlike other cleaners, though, our formula will leave your space smelling clean and fresh, with no chemical residue. You can have confidence that the Surface Cleaner will not only remove the dirt and grime left behind, but will also be safe for food and the ones you love. Its antibacterial properties are perfect for cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. To use, just spray to loosen or remove soil, dirt, grime and grease and use a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to wipe the surface. Then step back and enjoy the smell of cleaning victory!