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Spring Clean The Bathroom: Brightening Porcelain Sinks

There is nothing more classic than a white porcelain sink. But over time, they can stain and look dull and dirty. With a few simple steps and a few natural products, you can get even the most hopelessly discolored porcelain to shine like new.

Dark liquids can sink into the porous surface of porcelain causing semi-permanent discoloration and wear. But even the most hopeless sinks can be restored using The Laundress's plant-derived products. They are hard on stains and gentle on the sink's surface.

Step 1: Foam it Up

Sprinkle All-Purpose Bleach Alternative directly onto the surface and soak with Scented Vinegar. This plant-derived, fragrance-free alternative to chlorine bleach works wonders to safely remove dirt, stains, and odors. Together, these products make a powerful mixture that foams and starts to immediately lift stains.

Step 2: Sit Tight

Relax while the stain-fighting duo does all the work. The longer you leave it on, the less you will have to scrub. We recommend letting it sit overnight for really discolored sinks.

Step 3: Scrub Away

Stains and dirt should be loosened up enough to scrub them away for good. Simply grab the Scrub Brush with strong resilient bristles and scrub away discoloration. Then let the beauty of your pristine white porcelain sink in.

While other bleaches are made with hydrogen peroxide, the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is a 100% sodium percarbonate, chlorine-free oxygen bleach that has no artificial dye and is color safe. It also features beads that activate on contact making it more effective than liquid bleaches, which are pre-activated in packaging.