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Show No Pitty! Knock Out Pit Stains With This 1-2 Punch

Nothing ruins an outfit (and your day!) like the sight of a yellow, dingy pit stain on your top. But there's no need to toss it in the discard pile. Thanks to a few proven solutions and foolproof moves, you can remove them completely and prevent them from materializing in the future. Read on for how to get on top of underarm stains!

YOUR TOOLKIT: The Pit Kit, Whites Detergent


Apply Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative directly to the underarm areas.


Pour a bit of hot water onto the mixture to dissolve and activate the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative beads.


Work the solution into the fabric with our Stain Brush; its natural, densely-packed bristles help to gently work the stain treatment deep into fibers to break up the stain.


Soak the top in a bath of hot water and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for at least one hour. If the stain isn’t fully removed once the soaking is completed, don’t sweat it! It often takes two to three tries before complete removal.


Once satisfied, finish by laundering as normal with either Signature Detergent or Whites Detergent.

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Take Note:

This process is recommended for treating durable fibers such as cotton, linen, and some synthetic materials. All-Purpose Bleach Alternative should not be used on silks, woolens, leather, or other delicate materials.