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Laundry Tips For Your Kids' Mini Wardrobes

If you've got kids, you've got stains! But no need to sweat the small stuff – the right solutions and a little TLC will dissolve them from their clothes and linens in 1-2-3.

Wash Before Wearing

Always wash items before first-time use. Launder on a hot water setting with Baby Detergent to remove stains and odor. Add Fabric Conditioner Baby to fluff, soften, and reduce static.

Pretreat Stains

Paint, ink, fruit juice, chocolate, grass, dirt, blood*, formula, breast milk, spit up… the list goes on! Treat ‘em with a few drops of Stain Solution, then sprinkle a little All-Purpose Bleach Alternative on top. Work that all in with a Stain Brush then soak the item in warm water for up to 30 minutes. *For blood stains, always use cool water to soak and wash.

Launder Cloth Diapers Like This

Simply rinse out excess soil with hot water and treat stains with Stain Solution. Follow by presoaking in a Wash Tub Basin or sink of hot water and 1 capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative.

Keep Small Items Together

Place small items such as socks and hand mitts in a Mesh Washing Bag to keep them together throughout the washing and drying cycle.

Softening & Static

Gentle on delicate skin and calming to the senses, our Fabric Conditioner Baby softens items while reducing static and wrinkles. Add the conditioner to the dispenser for the perfect complement to Baby Detergent. For some extra stain-fighting power, add some All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to every load.


Hand-me-downs don't have to look worn. For older set-in stains, add 1 capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to a wash basin or sink with hot water and presoak the garment. Follow by washing with Baby Detergent and hot water.